Research Programmes

Financial Aid

Part-Time Employment

All full-time international students can apply for part-time employment. You are required to seek approval to work only when semester is in session.

Students can only commence part-time employment after obtaining approval. You should therefore apply early. Applications made during or after completion of employment will not be accepted.

For more information including terms and conditions on part-time employment, visit the website of the Office of Student Affairs (OSA). Alternatively, you may also check with OSA in person at Yusof Ishak House or email OSA.


University education at NUS is demanding, intensive, and rigorous, and thus requires a high degree of commitment.

Research candidates pursuing full-time studies are expected to commit themselves to at least 40 hours per week of study. The University does not encourage full-time students from taking up employment during term time that might interfere with their studies.

All students should note that commitments from employment will not be accepted as valid reasons for absence, uncompleted work, late submission of work, or poor performance, and may lead to exclusion from certain full-time programmes.



Research Scholars

Research scholars may not work more than a total of 16 hours a week for paid and unpaid work as stipulated in the Research Scholarships terms and conditions.

Research scholars are required to assist your Department/Programme in teaching and other departmental work for up to six hours per week without pay. Apart from this, the scholar may not accept employment, whether renumerated or not, or hold concurrently any other scholarship, fellowship or other awards, without the prior approval of the Vice-Dean (Graduate Studies).

The relevant paid part-time jobs which research scholars may be employed in are teaching and graduate student research work in NUS. Income derived from this nature of work is subject to tax (whilst Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents are subject to both CPF and tax).


International Students who are non-Research Scholars

Full-time international students who are non-research scholars can be engaged in part-time employment not exceeding 16 hours a week when semester is in session. There is no cap on the number of hours during the University's vacation periods.