Research Programmes

Financial Aid

Research Scholarship for PhD candidates/Tuition Fee Waiver

The Research Scholarship will carry a monthly stipend plus tuition fee subsidy:

(i) The monthly stipend for PhD candidates are as follow:


PhD programme

Singapore Citizen


Singapore Permanent Resident  


International Student


 (ii) The scholarship will provide the full tuition fee subsidy.

In some cases, candidates who do not qualify for the Research Scholarship may be considered for a Tuition Fee Waiver instead. This will mostly apply to Masters candidates.  There may also be part-time work opportunities available for application. Successful candidates will be informed of such openings.

Research scholars may be eligible for an additional stipend of up to S$500 per month after passing their PhD Qualifying Examination. The top-up will end after two years, or the end of the 4th year of candidature, whichever is earlier.

The scholarship/fee waiver is tenable for one year in the first instance and thereafter may, subject to the scholar's satisfactory progress, be renewed each semester at the University’s discretion. The award for the scholarship/fee waiver is normally two years for Masters candidates and four years for PhD candidates, from the date of the registration of candidature. This applies to current students who are selected for the scholarship/fee waiver mid-way through their candidature.

The renewal of scholarship/fee waiver is tied in with the submission of your semestral research progress report. Your supervisor(s), Head of Department/Programme and Faculty will complete their assessments and make recommendations for continuation of your scholarship. This will take place in September (for assessment of research progress in Semester 2 of the previous Academic Year) and in February (for assessment of research progress in Semester 1 of the current Academic Year). If you do not complete the report by the stipulated time, your scholarship will be withheld.

While each renewal of a scholarship/fee waiver will usually be for a period of six months, a shorter period of renewal or no renewal may result if your progress is found to be unsatisfactory. Please note that if your progress is found to be unsatisfactory before the renewal is due, your monthly stipend can be suspended or your scholarship/fee waiver terminated without notice.

To be considered for a renewal, candidates must complete a minimum of two graded modules per semester, which must count towards their CAP. A Masters candidate much achieve a minimum CAP of 3.00 while a PhD candidate must achieve a minimum CAP of 3.50, during the semester that you are completing your coursework component. For the remaining semesters, renewal will depend on your progress in your research/thesis. Reinstatement will be reviewed after the minimum requirements are met.

Generally, the duration of the Research Scholarship/Tuition Fee Waiver will end before the maximum period of your candidature. You should complete your thesis and submit it for examination before the end-date of your scholarship/fee waiver. If you are not able to submit your thesis for examination by the time your scholarship/fee waiver ends, please note that you will have to work on your thesis without any financial support from the University. Should you apply for leave of absence during your award period, the end-date of award will not be extended as a result of your leave.

If your candidature is upgraded from Masters to PhD, the award period of the scholarship/fee waiver during the Masters candidature will be taken into consideration and the four-year period will be calculated with effect from the beginning of your Masters candidature.

Please read carefully the agreement that you have signed with the University, and the terms and conditions of the award. A copy of the current terms and conditions can be accessed here.

Application by current students

You should write to the Head of Department through your supervisor(s) by 1 November (for consideration of award with effect from August of the following year) or 15 May (for consideration of award with effect from January of the following year) for the Department’s recommendation and onward submission to the Faculty’s Graduate Scholarships Selection Committee.

You should apply only after discussion with your Graduate Coordinator and ensure support is received not only from your supervisor but Graduate Coordinator. Please submit recommendation letters from two other faculty members who have taught you, plus one from your supervisor together with your request.

Masters candidates may apply for the Research Scholarship. However, the award of the Research Scholarship will be subject to successful upgrading to PhD candidature.