Research Programmes

Continuation Requirement

All students are required to take and pass a number of relevant modules unless exemption has been granted by the University. Masters and PhD students in the Faculty are required to complete a minimum of four and six modules respectively. Some Departments may require more than the Faculty minimum. Please refer to our offer letter regarding your admission to the graduate programme for the minimum number of modules that you are required to complete.

For Masters students, at least 75% of the total modular credit (MC) requirements must be at level 5000 or 6000. Up to 25% of the total MC requirements may be at level 4000, subject to the approval of the Department. For PhD students, at least 50% of the total MC requirements must be at level 6000. Up to 25% of the total MC requirements may be at level 4000, subject to the approval of the Department. The remaining MCs must be at level 5000 or 6000. 

You should discuss with your supervisor(s) or Graduate Coordinator the relevant modules that you need to take. All modules must be taken and passed within your maximum period of candidature. The time-table is available from your Department/Programme. If you are required to take more modules than the Faculty minimum, you must plan your study carefully and aim to complete the coursework requirement and thesis on time.

The coursework requirement includes a Graduate Research Seminar that will be graded on a "Satisfactory”/”Unsatisfactory" basis. This is a compulsory module for all research students, where you will get an opportunity to present your research papers. In addition, topics such as research ethics and thesis writing will be covered. The module may be spread over two semesters. 

Students, with the approval of the Department/Programme, may be allowed to take up to two Independent Study Modules (ISMs). The ISM is designed to enable the student to explore an approved topic in the discipline in depth. The student should approach a lecturer to work out an agreed topic, readings, and assignments for the module. A formal written agreement should be drawn up, giving a clear account of the topic, programme of study, assignments, evaluation, and other pertinent details. The Head’s and/or Graduate Coordinator’s approval of the written agreement is required. Regular meetings and reports are expected. Evaluation is based on 100% continuous assessment and must be worked out between the student and the lecturer prior to seeking departmental approval. Please approach the Department/Programme to register for an ISM.

Examinations for coursework are usually held at the end of each semester of study. You are not permitted to repeat any module that you have taken previously and passed.