Art History Recognised Modules

Modules from other departments recognized as counting towards Art History minor requirements include the following:

Chinese Studies Modules
CH2293 Introduction to Chinese Art (in English)
CH2299 Art of Modern and Contemporary China (in English)
CH3293 Selected Topics in Chinese Art (In English)

Communications and New Media Modules
NM3205 Digital Culture and Art (will not be included in the recognised list wef Sem 1, AY2020-21)

English Language and Literature Modules
EN3249 Introduction to Visual Culture: Art, Film and Media

History Modules
HY2225 East-West Artistic Interactions
HY2249 Art and History

Japanese Studies Modules
JS3217 Japanese Art and Aesthetic

Philosophy Modules
PH2209 Philosophy of Art

Sociology Modules
SC2225 The Social Life of Art

South Asian Studies Modules
SN3880A Art of India

Southeast Asian Studies Modules
SE2214 Arts of Southeast Asia
SE3210 Studies in Southeast Asian Arts

Yale-NUS Modules
YHU1201 Art and Politics: From Modernity to Post-Modernity
YHU1209 Introduction to the Arts
YHU1211 Japanese Woodblock Prints (Ceased offering)
YHU2203 Masterpieces of Western Art: Renaissance to the Present
YHU2227 The Cage Revolutions
YHU2249 Poetry, Painting and Photography
YHU3236 After Modern Art: The Live Body in Visual Art
YHU3293 Japanese Woodblock Prints
YHU4207 Critical Approaches: The Theories and Methodologies of Art History

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