Programme Information

Admission Requirements

Students wishing to read European Studies as a major should preferably have a good grade in the General Paper and good "A" level results. There is no prerequisite or qualifying tests. The European Studies Programme welcomes students who show a keen interest in the subject.

Previous knowledge of either French or German or Spanish is not required as these three languages will be taught as part of the curriculum. For students with prior knowledge of French or German or Spanish, placement tests will be conducted to enable them to pursue language modules* appropriate for their level.

*All language modules are offered by the Centre for Language Studies. Placement tests will also be conducted by the Centre.

Content of Subject

The aim of the European Studies Programme is to enhance the student's understanding of Europe by offering two types of modules. Firstly, there are multi-disciplinary non-language modules covering an array of disciplines such as modules which focus on European Economics and Business, Geography, History, Literature, Philosophy, and Politics. Secondly, the student is also required to take language modules in either French or German or Spanish. Language modules are grouped in a dual track system which allows students with previous knowledge of French, German and Spanish to continue their study of the language, as well as providing courses for first-time learners.

Concentrating on both oral and written skills, students will achieve a level of proficiency enabling both effective interaction with native speakers and a good working knowledge of the language in specialized areas such as language for business and economics. Students are exposed throughout the entire course to the literature, culture and the history of France and Germany in their European context.

Useful Combinations with Other Subjects

Given the multi-disciplinary nature of European Studies, it would be useful for students reading the subject to combine it with any two of the following subjects in the first year: Economics, English Language and Literature, Geography, History, Philosophy, Political Science, and Sociology.

As students will be studying French or German or Spanish from scratch, it would be advisable for them not to take Chinese Studies, Japanese Studies or Southeast Asian Studies as these subjects require students to take language modules as well.

For enquiries, please call (65) 6516 3839 or email .

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