E-DAF (short for elektronisches Selbstlernzentrum für Deutsch als Fremdsprache in German) is an innovation initiated by the European Studies Programme and realised with the technical support of the Centre for Instructional Technology. This project represents a milestone in applied research in the area of language pedagogy as it is the first virtual self-access and resource centre for German language learning in the region with such a broad and comprehensive coverage. 

E-DAF is designed to provide a one-stop service for German learners in the virtual space of the Internet. The website, launched in August 2000 after months of meticulous work on both the infrastructure and the content, will provide students with a means to supplement their classroom learning with a wide array of interactive multimedia learning materials, including hypertext notes, exercises for various language skills, grammar and vocabulary, relevant links, and online audio and video materials. At the same time, it will also facilitate teaching and provide important support to the German teaching staff in realising the Programme's curricular objectives and the methodological principles for the German language modules. 

Do you want to know more? Please refer to the e-daf website.

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