Modules Offered

Modules Offered

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EU Modules

Module Code Semester 1, AY2018/2019 Semester 2, AY2018/2019
EU1101E Making of Modern Europe
EU2203/PS2203 Ancient Western Political Thought
EU2204/PS2204 Modern Western Political Thought
EU2213/HY2231 Upheaval in Europe: 1828-1918
EU2214/GEK2030/PH2212 Introduction to Continental Philosophy
EU2217/PS2236 European Politics
EU2218/PS2231 Western Political Thought
EU2221/HY2245 Empires, Colonies and Imperialism
EU2222/PH2219 Critical Theory and Hermeneutics
EU2224 Europe since 1945 in Film
EU3212/HY3227 Europe of the Dictators
EU3215/EC3392 European Economic History
EU3217/EN3261 European Literature I
EU3224/SC3101 Social Thought and Social Theory
EU3227/PH3207 Continental European Philosophy
EU3230/HY3209 Cold War in Europe, 1945-1991
EU3231/HY3242 Modern Imperialism
EU3550 Internship
IEU3550 Extended Internship
EU4214/HY4212 Special Paper in Modern European History
EU4215/HY4221 Imperial Legacies in Europe
EU4216/GE4206 Europe
EU4217/EC4392 Comparative Business Cultures
EU4220/EN4263 Topics in European Literature
EU4223/PH4214 Recent Continental European Philosophy
EU4224/HY4205 War and Diplomacy in Early Modern Europe
EU4225/HY4226 European Intellectual History
EU4226/HY4209 Imperialism and Empires
EU4227A/PS4217A Major Political Thinkers: Plato & Rousseau
EU4227B/PS4217B Major Political Thinkers: Machiavelli
EU4227C/PS4217C Major Political Thinkers: Montaigne
EU4228/PS4218 European Foreign Policy
EU4401 Honours Thesis
EU4660 Independent Study
EU Recognised Modules
AH2202 Modern Art: A Critical Introduction
AH3204 Methods and Approaches to Art History
AR2221 History & Theory of SEA Architecture
AR2222 History & Theory of Western Architecture
AR2225/GEK2044 Reading Visual Images
EC3371 Development Economics I
EC3376 Economics of European Integration
EC3377 Global Economics History (Ceased offering from Sem 2, AY2018-19)
EC4377 Global Economics History
EL4200 Research Workshop
EN2201 Backgrounds to Western Literature and Culture
EN3266 Contemporary Irish Poetry
EN3267 Modern Drama
EN3268 Tragedy
EN4224 Topics in the Twentieth Century
EN4271 Research Workshop
TS2231 History and Theory of Western Theatre I
TS2239 Major Playwrights of the Twentieth Century
TS3231 History and Theory of Western Theatre II
HY2210 State and Society in Early-Modern Europe
HY2249 Art and History
HY2259 The Craft of History
HY2262 The Ancient World: The Roman Empire
HY4230* Historiography and Historical Method
PH2206 Founders of Modern Philosophy
PH2207 Hume and Kant
PH2222 Greek Philosophy (Socrates and Plato)
PH3213 Knowledge, Modernity and Global Change
PH3222 Greek Philosophy(Aristotle)
PH4206 A Major Philosopher
PH4207 Phenomenology
PH4209 Greek Thinkers
PH4210 Topics in Western Philosophy
PH4213 Comparative Philosophy
PH4261 Kant
PH4262 Nietzsche
PS3258 Research Methods in Political Science
PS3267 German Political Thought
PS3880B Special Topics in PS: Critical IR(International Relation) Theory
PS3880C The Enlightenment
PS3880H The Politics of European Integration
PS4201 Contemporary Political Theory
PS4213 International Political Theory
PS4217D Major Political Thinkers: Kant
PS4217E Major Political Thinkers: Oakeshott
PS4217F Major Political Thinkers: Hobbes
PS4231 Social Theory and International Relations
PS4311 International Relations in Political Thought
PS4883B Topics in PT: The Enlightenment
SC4213 Qualitative Data Collection
PS4882B* Topics in IR 20th Century International Thought

*Take note:

  1. Students who would like to read the module needs to write to
  2. Students are not allowed to read this module to fulfil the minor requirements.

Language Modules (offered by Centre for Language Studies)

Module Code Semester 1, AY2018/2019 Semester 2, AY2018/2019
LAF1201 French 1
LAF2201 French 2
LAF3201 French 3
LAF3202 French 4
LAF4201 French 5
LAF4202 French 6
LAG1201 German 1
LAG2201 German 2
LAG3201 German 3
LAG3202 German 4
LAG4201 German 5
LAG4202 German 6
LAS1201 Spanish 1
LAS2201 Spanish 2
LAS3201 Spanish 3
LAS3202 Spanish 4
LAS4201 Spanish 5
LAS4202 Spanish 6

*Subject to changes.

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