European Studies is a cross departmental programme administered by the Department of History.

As we enter the 21st century there is a renewed awareness of the political, social, cultural and linguistic interrelationships among the nations which make up Europe. Understanding Europe involves not only business, trade, and commerce, but also all other areas that contribute to international links like culture, technology, media, communication etc. European Studies aims to use an inter-disciplinary approach to develop a comprehensive understanding of the societies and cultures of contemporary Europe.

Students who wish to major in European Studies have to read language modules offered by the Centre for Language Studies (French or German or Spanish) as well as "European modules" (History, Political Science, Literature, Geography modules that focus on Europe). Prior knowledge of either language is not required, and students may start with elementary language modules. However, subject to a placement test, those with prior knowledge of French or German or Spanish may be admitted into a higher level module.

European Studies has developed strong ties with the French and German cultural Embassies and the Asia-Europe Foundation in Singapore. It also has links with the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and premier academic institutions like the IEP, Paris. With the support of these institutions, students of European Studies benefit from sponsorships for participation in summer schools, student exchange programmes and internships, immersion programmes and cultural trips in Europe.

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