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Dr Miriam Kaminishi

Tel: (65) 6601 2643
Office: AS1 05 - 09

My interest in the field of Economic History and Monetary History has been developed since I was an undergraduate student, when I researched the development of the international monetary system, focusing on the U.S. hegemony through the U.S. dollar. This initial research was extended to a M.A. program in Brazil, when my academic effort was to understand the triangular commercial relationship among England, Portugal and Brazil, which settled the British hegemony, between 18th and 19th century, and conducted to the formation of the international gold standard, led by England.

My study from this perspective broadened my understanding on the relationship between hegemony and money and linked to Ph.D. program in Japan where I researched on the subject of a monetary system with multiple currencies in northeast China. My doctoral dissertation was devoted to analyze the effects of seasonality on the demand for different currencies in Manchuria, also focusing on Japanese imperialism in Manchuria. This research brought me to the team of Empire in Asia research project at NUS!


- Economic History and Monetary History
- Capitalism Development
- Hegemony and Money
- Imperialism and Japanese Imperialism


- Monetary System with Multiple Currencies
- Japanese Imperialism in Manchuria
- The Role of Japanese Currencies in East Asia