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Empire in Asia: A New Global History

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Each link below refers to a scholarly work that discusses the definition, characteristics, and/or implications of empire in a specific region of the world or globally. Researchers with specializations in many historical sub-fields have written these annotated bibliographies, and fellow project investigators have vetted and edited each in a peer-reviewing process. Each of these 300 to 800 word-long bibliographies contains both a summary of the work and an analysis of the books’ scope and argument. These easily accessible reviews are a research tool for students and scholars of the history of empire, who wish to expand their understanding of the concept of ‘empire’ beyond the way in which empire is studied by scholars in their respective historical field defined by periodization or regional focus. As such, this project will encourage the writing of a new history of empire across the globe and in Asia specifically.


  • The Treaty of Karlowitz (1699)





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