SEP/NOC/Summer Programme Forms

Form/System Description of Form Applicable to

Overseas Universities SEP Application

Complete list of forms from various Universities for application to SEP

Potential undergraduate students of SEP

Online SEP Application Form

Overseas Programme Application System

Potential undergraduate students of SEP

Local University SEP Application Form This application form is only for local exchange application to NTU and SMU Potential undergraduate students
Local University SEP Student Detail Form This student detail form is used for the nomination of students for local exchange Potential undergraduate students

FASS Module Mapping Form

Request to SEP coordinator to approve courses read during SEP /or Summer Programmes

For students accepted for exchange and/or summer schools to get modules approved in order to transfer credits back to NUS after exchange and/or summer school.

FASS Credit Transfer Form

Request for transfer of credits for overseas modules

For undergraduates who went on SEP (local/overseas), NOC & summer programmes

FASStrack Asia Bursary Form To request for participation and for financial assistance for needy students For students who wish to apply for FASStrack Asia 2016 bursary.
Replace GEM with Module read during SEP Request for replacement of GEM with Modules read during SEP SEP undergraduates
Graduate SEP Application Form Application form for graduate students for exchange or JDP

Graduate Students only. Please note that for SEP application, there is no longer financial assistance so students can leave out annex B. There is still limited funding for JDP application.