Japan Experience

Overseas Study

Undergraduates majoring in Japanese Studies are encouraged to apply to various study programmes in Japan, including the NUS Student Exchange Programme and other prestigious programmes funded by the JCCI Foundation and the Monbukagakusho. Department students have all demonstrated significant improvements in their Japanese competence after such long-term stays in Japan. First-hand experience in the country also provides students with more direct insight and authentic knowledge on Japan.


Summer in Japan (SIJ) is a 4-week summer programme that Kyushu University offers to students from around the world. SIJ offers students a comprehensive package of resources, opportunities, and hands-on experiences to become familiar with, or further deepen their understanding of Japan in today's social, cultural, political and economic contexts. Students will attend Japanese language classes, a course on contemporary Japan, and also various field studies in and around Fukuoka. SIJ also provides participants with a one-on-one partnership with a student tutor, providing them opportunities to practice and hone their Japanese language skills and broaden their knowledge of Japanese society and culture today from cross-cultural perspectives. In order to provide a variety of living circumstances in Japan, two types of accommodation are arranged: campus accommodation and homestay.


The Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Study Program is a 3-week summer programme that Kwansei Gakuin University (KGU) offers to students from around the world. It provides students with a unique opportunity to improve their communication skills in Japanese language while increasing their understanding of Japanese culture through a variety of activities. Students will attend Japanese language classes with KGU students, and participate in Japanese Culture Study classes, traditional arts and other cultural activities including a fieldtrip to the historically rich city of Kyoto. Participants can choose from campus accommodation or homestays to experience different aspects of life in Japan.


The Kyoto Summer Program for ASEAN Students with KU Students is a 2-week summer programme offered by Kyoto University to students from Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. Participants will share rooms with students from other participating countries, allowing them to build friendships across borders, and gain a better understanding of the cultures of other ASEAN countries. Students will attend Japanese language classes (intermediate level and above), several lectures, and participate in several field trips, including one to Lake Biwa. Through these activities, they can further improve their Japanese language skills and gain a better understanding of Japanese culture.

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