Conferences and Workshops

The Japanese Studies academic community organises seminars and conferences on a national, regional and international scale. The Department regularly highlights such upcoming events on this website.

The department also organises departmental seminars in the promotion of Japanese studies.

Recent Events

Event Name Date
Workshop: Understanding Social Groups of the Margins and Modernity 29 November 2019
Workshop on Japanese Language and Interaction - “Filler”-like Objects in Japanese Interaction 26-30 August 2019

Past Events

Event Name Date
Asia Past and Present: Graduate and Early Career Researcher Conference 29 September 2018
Meiji Conference: Revisiting Japan’s Restoration Interregional, Interdisciplinary, and Alternative Perspectives 26-28 September 2018
Workshop on Japanese Language and Interaction: Particles and Interjection in Interaction 26-30 August 2018
Symposium on Traditional Performance: Perspectives from Japan and Southeast Asia 20 October 2017
AS8 Inaugural Conference - Asia: The Region and the World 2-3 October 2017
Workshop on Japanese Language and Interaction: Intersubjectivity and Empathy in Interaction 17-18 August 2017
Contemporary Tradition - Japanese Performance Genre Today 13-15 October 2016
Japanese Community Engagement Workshop: The Otagaisama (Reciprocal) Community Tool 12 January 2016
International Workshop: Global HR and the Japanese Company 22-23 September 2015
Public Symposium on 70 Years On: How to Manage Changing Power Relations in Asia? 5 August 2015
Japanese Game Seminar and Workshop with Pros 23-27 February 2015
Public Forum on Regional Architecture and Frameworks for Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific 9 January 2015
International Workshop on Regional Architecture and Frameworks for Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific 8-9 January 2015
Public Symposium on Competition and Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific: Recognising Challenges, Seizing Opportunities 19 November 2014
Development and Utilization of Japanese Performing Arts Metadata 21-22 July 2014
Japanese Anime and Video Game Workshop with Pros 24-28 February 2014
Manga Festival in Singapore 2013 7 November 2013
Drawing Manga “Japanese Style” 7 November 2013
Workshop on Japanese Language and Interaction 6-7 September 2013
Japanese History Research and Educational Training in Theory and Practice 10-11 January 2013
Teaching Japanese Popular Culture Conference 11-12 November 2012
Japanese Studies 30th Anniversary Symposium: "Sketching Japan: Diversity, Dynamics and Dilemmas" 28 October 2011
Workshop on Japanese Culture in Southeast Asia 13-14 October 2011
Women's Manga Beyong Japan: Contemporary Comics as Cultural Crossroads in Asia 21-23 February 2011
Death and Dying in Early Modern Japan Workshop 25-26 September 2009
Workshop on Spaces of Neo-Liberalism in the Asian Developmental States (jointly organized with Global Cities Research Cluster, FASS and Dr Bae-Gyoon Park, Seoul National University) 15-16 November 2007
1. Japanese Studies 25th Anniversary International Symposium
2. The Inaugural Conference of the Japanese Studies Association in Southeast Asia (JSA-ASEAN)
12-14 October 2006
Alternate Generations in the Family: The Asian Perspective 20-22 October 2005
Conference on Natural Disaster in Asian History, Culture and Memory (jointly organized with Asia Research Institute) 26-28 August 2005
Workshop on Developing an On-Line Japanese Performing Arts Resource Center 24-26 June 2005
Globalization, Localization, and Japanese Studies in the Asian-Pacific Region 28-30 October 2004
International Conference on Creating an East Asian Community: Prospects and Challenges for Fresh Regional Cooperation 8-10 January 2004
Symposium on Japan Politics and Society 16 January 2003
International Conference on Monuments and Memory-Making in Japan 8-10 July 2002
International Conference for the 20th Anniversary of the Department 5-6 October 2001
Sixth Conference on Japanese Studies

1. Contemporary Japan-Southeast Asia International Relations
2. Japan and Southeast Asia in the Early Twentieth Century
3. Japanese Enterprises in Southeast Asia
4. Japanese Culture and Society in Southeast Asia
1-2 October 1999
Fifth Conference on Japanese Studies
Confucian Currents in Japan and East Asia: 17th to 19th Centuries

1. Adaptation of Chinese Confucian Doctrines to the Japanese Society and Political system
2. Inter-school Rivalries
3. New Trends in Philosophical and Historical Methodology
4. Confucianism and Japanese Nationalism
5-7 December 1997
Fourth Conference on Japanese Studies
The following workshops were held over a two-year period.

1. Shiga Naoya's A Dark Night's Passing
2. Singapore-Japan Relations
3. Language Text-book Writing
4. Kanji Education
5. Japanese Perspective on Asian Religions: The Ethnographic Approach
December 1994 - March 1996
Third Conference on Japanese Studies
1. Teaching Japanese in the Singapore Environment
2. Haiku Workshop
3. Workshop on Kagoshima Identity
4. Public policy Implementation in Japan
24-28 October 1993
Second Conference on Japanese Studies

1. Perspectives on Kokoro
2. Language Materials Development
3. Japan ASEAN Relations
29 Apr - 3 May 1991
First Conference on Japanese Studies

1. Trends in the development of Japanese Studies in ASEAN
2. Teaching Japanese as a Second Language
3. Kyushu Regional History
6-10 November 1989

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