Conferences and Workshops

The Japanese Studies academic community organises seminars and conferences on a national, regional and international scale. The Department regularly highlights such upcoming events on this website.

The department also organises departmental seminars in the promotion of Japanese studies.

Upcoming and Recent International/Regional/National Events

Event Name Date
Asia Past and Present: Graduate and Early Career Researcher Conference 29 September 2018
Meiji Conference: Revisiting Japan’s Restoration Interregional, Interdisciplinary, and Alternative Perspectives 26-28 September 2018

Past Events

Event Name Date
Symposium on Traditional Performance: Perspectives from Japan and Southeast Asia 20 October 2017
AS8 Inaugural Conference - Asia: The Region and the World 2-3 October 2017
Workshop on Japanese Language and Interaction: Intersubjectivity and Empathy in Interaction 17-18 August 2017
Contemporary Tradition - Japanese Performance Genre Today 13-15 October 2016
International Workshop: Global HR and the Japanese Company 22-23 September 2015
Public Symposium on 70 Years On: How to Manage Changing Power Relations in Asia? 5 August 2015
Japanese Game Seminar and Workshop with Pros 23-27 February 2015
Public Forum on Regional Architecture and Frameworks for Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific 9 January 2015
International Workshop on Regional Architecture and Frameworks for Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific 8-9 January 2015
Public Symposium on Competition and Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific: Recognising Challenges, Seizing Opportunities 19 November 2014
Development and Utilization of Japanese Performing Arts Metadata 21-22 July 2014
Japanese Anime and Video Game Workshop with Pros 24-28 February 2014
Manga Festival in Singapore 2013 7 November 2013
Drawing Manga “Japanese Style” 7 November 2013
Workshop on Japanese Language and Interaction 6 -7 September 2013
Japanese History Research and Educational Training in Theory and Practice 10-11 January 2013
Teaching Japanese Popular Culture Conference 11-12 November 2012
Japanese Studies 30th Anniversary Symposium: "Sketching Japan: Diversity, Dynamics and Dilemmas" 28 October 2011
Workshop on Japanese Culture in Southeast Asia 13-14 October 2011
Women's Manga Beyong Japan: Contemporary Comics as Cultural Crossroads in Asia 21-23 February 2011
Death and Dying in Early Modern Japan Workshop 25-26 September 2009
Workshop on Spaces of Neo-Liberalism in the Asian Developmental States (jointly organized with Global Cities Research Cluster, FASS and Dr Bae-Gyoon Park, Seoul National University) 15-16 November 2007
1. Japanese Studies 25th Anniversary International Symposium
2. The Inaugural Conference of the Japanese Studies Association in Southeas Asia (JSA-ASEAN)
12-14 October 2006
Alternate Generations in the Family: The Asian Perspective 20-22 October 2005
Conference on Natural Disaster in Asian History, Culture and Memory (jointly organized with Asia Research Institute) 26-28 August 2005
Workshop on Developing an On-Line Japanese Performing Arts Resource Center 24-26 June 2005
Globalization, Localization, and Japanese Studies in the Asian-Pacific Region 28 - 30 October 2004
International Conference on Creating an East Asian Community: Prospects and Challenges for Fresh Regional Cooperation 8 - 10 January 2004
Symposium on Japan Politics and Society 16 January 2003
International Conference on Monuments and Memory-Making in Japan 8 - 10 July 2002
International Conference for the 20th Anniversary of the Department 5 - 6 October 2001
Sixth Conference on Japanese Studies

1. Contemporary Japan-Southeast Asia International Relations
2. Japan and Southeast Asia in the Early Twentieth Century
3. Japanese Enterprises in Southeast Asia
4. Japanese Culture and Society in Southeast Asia
1-2 October 1999
Fifth Conference on Japanese Studies
Confucian Currents in Japan and East Asia: 17th to 19th Centuries

1. Adaptation of Chinese Confucian Doctrines to the Japanese Society and Political system
2. Inter-school Rivalries
3. New Trends in Philosophical and Historical Methodology
4. Confucianism and Japanese Nationalism
5-7 December 1997
Fourth Conference on Japanese Studies
The following workshops were held over a two-year period.

1. Shiga Naoya's A Dark Night's Passing
2. Singapore-Japan Relations
3. Language Text-book Writing
4. Kanji Education
5. Japanese Perspective on Asian Religions: The Ethnographic Approach
December 1994 - March 1996
Third Conference on Japanese Studies
1. Teaching Japanese in the Singapore Environment
2. Haiku Workshop
3. Workshop on Kagoshima Identity
4. Public policy Implementation in Japan
24-28 October 1993
Second Conference on Japanese Studies

1. Perspectives on Kokoro
2. Language Materials Development
3. Japan ASEAN Relations
29 Apr - 3 May 1991
First Conference on Japanese Studies

1. Trends in the development of Japanese Studies in ASEAN
2. Teaching Japanese as a Second Language
3. Kyushu Regional History
6-10 November 1989

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