Departmental Seminars

The department has taken an active role in the promotion of Japanese studies. It has organised academic and intellectual encounters on the local as well as international scales, which have led to the production of a number of departmental publications.

Seminar Series 2020

Topic Speaker Date
Japan-Ming Relationship and Noh Plays Prof Daisuke Nishihara 13 March 2020
The Emotional Topography of Zainichi Memoryscape: Korean Ghettos in Postwar Japan Revisited Dr Sayaka Chatani 11 March 2020
Japan as Terrain for American Self-Reflection in the Late 20th Century
(Co-organised with Asia Research Institute)
Prof Amy Borovoy 15 January 2020

Past Departmental Seminars

Topic Speaker Date
The Horizon of Democracy: Fukushima and Okinawa as Method Dr Hiro Saito 25 October 2019
Emporium of Luxury, Empire of Cool: Neo-Victorian Manga and the 'Cool Japan' Project Dr Loh Waiyee 4 October 2019
Learning to Navigate the World: Imperial Japanese Naval Officer Training in 1910s and 1920s Dr Elizabeth MacLachlan 5 April 2019
Stigma and the Moral Economy of Tokyo's Sex Industry Dr Gabriele Koch 8 March 2019
Cross-Border Matchmaking between Japanese Men and Chinese Women: The View from Japan Dr Chigusa Yamaura 15 October 2018
Rationalizing Eating Habits: The Rise of Nutrition Science as Social Engineering in 1920s Japan Dr Sookyeong Hong 12 October 2018
Post-work Intimacy: Negotiating Gender among Japanese Retired Couples in Malaysia Dr Shiori Shakuto 4 October 2018
Lamp Oil and the Transformation of Rural Society in Nineteenth-Century Japan Dr Mio Shimazaki 14 September 2018
The Game of Love between Men and Women: Elderly Romance at Japanese Karaoke Kissas Mr Benny Tong 7 September 2018
Just One of those Guys - Negotiating Everyday Trans Masculinity in the Japanese Mini-Komi Magazine Laph Dr Yuen Shu Min 31 August 2018
Ghosts of the Emperior Past and Ainu Future: Traditional Ainu Performances of Revival, Survival and Transformation Ms Roslynn Ang 23 March 2018
Improvement or Invention?: Japan's Population Surveys in the 19th Century Dr Akiko Ishii 16 March 2018
5-7-5 in Singapore: Haiku and Lyrics before the End of WWII Prof Keiko Wada 5 March 2018
Japan and Indo-Pacific Strategy: How can Singapore and ASEAN be fit in? Prof Takashi Terada 21 February 2018
Japan as a Competing Commercial Empire: Japanese Green Tea & the US Market, 1860 to 1940 A/P Robert Hellyer 2 February 2018
Large-scale Petitionary Protests (Kokuso) and the Bakuhan System A/P Yoshihiro Yamasaki 22 September 2017
Gendered Mobilities and Transnational Care: The Case of Japanese Retirees in Southeast Asia Prof Mika Toyota 21 August 2017
Kawaii Diplomacy: Hello Kitty and the Politics of Sale Prof Christine R Yano 27 March 2017
Diversity and Inclusion in the Japanese Company as seen through the Recruitment of Foreign Fresh University Graduates A/P Hendrik Meyer-Ohle 24 March 2017
Where Japanese/Asian/Western Selves Meet: English-speaking Asia and Self-searching Migrants from Japanese Prof Etsuko Kato 17 March 2017
Robots & Men: The Ambiguous Border of Life in Japanese Manga Prof Yukari Fujimoto 3 March 2017
Zainichi Koreans: History and Present Dr Hyewon Song 17 February 2017
Understanding Karaoke Classrooms and Kissas as Everyday Ageing Practice in Urban Japan Mr Benny Tong 3 February 2017
Kyōiku-ijū (Education Migration): Affluent Japanese Families’ Transnational Education Strategies in Johor Bahru, Malaysia
(Joint seminar with FASS Migration Research Cluster)
Dr Hiroki Igarashi 2 February 2017
Between Exigencies and Trauma: The Evolution of Japanese Immigration Policy Dr Ayako Komine 17 November 2016
Reexamining the Curious Convergence between Shinzo Abe and Norihiro Kato over the Reconstitution of Japan as a Subject of History in 1990s Dr Hitomi Koyama 14 November 2016
Globalization, the State, and Foreign Labor Policy in Japan and Taiwan Dr Konrad Kalicki 11 November 2016
The Concept of "Hedging" Revisited: Case of Japan's Foreign Policy Strategy in East Asia's Power Shift Dr Kei Koga 25 October 2016
Japan and Geo-Economic Regionalism in Asia: The Rise of TPP and AIIB Prof Takashi Terada 5 October 2016
Women's Empowerment and Changes in Japanese-Style Management A/P Tomoko Komagawa 9 September 2016
The Quest for Horzontality Prof Michael Lucken 21 August 2016
"Tada no nomikai desu"…ka? Negotiations of transgender belonging in contemporary Japan Miss Yuen Shu Min 1 April 2016
The Financialization of the Gift?: Japan's Debt as an Anthropological Problem Prof Hirokazu Miyazaki 29 March 2016
Issues and Policies on Health and Welfare Services for the Elderly in Japan A/P Motoyuki Yuasa 15 February 2016
Victory through Good Governance: Home Ministry Bureaucrats in Wartime Singapore Mr Clay Eaton 12 February 2016
Fear of Solitary Death and its Impact Factors in Japan's Aging Society A/P Florian Kohlbacher 23 September 2015
Public Lecture Series by Distinguished Guest Speakers from Japan: Sino-Japanese Relations: The Past and the Present Professor Shin Kawashima 22 September 2015
Public Lecture Series by Distinguished Guest Speakers from Japan: Mechanism and Histories of 'Historical Disputes' between Japan and South Korea Professor Kan Kimura 8 Sept 2015
Rethinking Resistance: Takeuchi Yoshimi's Lu Xun and the Conundrums of Asian Modernity Dr Viren Murthy 2 June 2015
In Search of Lost Worlds: Meiji and Taishō Period Elites Remember their Childhood Reading A/P Melek Ortabasi 23 March 2015
Public Lecture Series by Distinguished Guest Speakers from Japan: Japanese Foreign Policy Under Abe Prof Tomohiko Taniguchi 30 October 2014
Seminar Talk: The State of Asian Democracies Prof Kiichi Fujiwara 5 September 2014
Public Lecture Series by Distinguished Guest Speakers from Japan: Japan's Foreign Policy: From Yoshida to Abe Prof Kiichi Fujiwara 3 September 2014
HAFU - The Film. Screening and Panel Discussion Lara Perez Takagi
Dr Timothy Amos
A/P Thang Leng Leng
Dr Elaine Ho
Fiona Seiger
14 August 2013
Transnational Adaptations of Japanese Noh: Three Case Studies A/P Ayako Kano 13 August 2013
After the Tsunami: Post-Disaster Community Recovery in an Ageing and Shrinking Region Dr Peter Matanle 16 April 2013
What's Left for the Right? Right-wing Activism in Japan and Politics of Futility Dr Nathaniel Michael Smith 19 March 2013
Bad Water: The Political Ecology of Snow Brand Dairy Dr Robert Stolz 12 March 2013
Japan's New Deal for Asia, 1943-1945 Dr Jeremy A. Yellen 5 March 2013
From Muromachi Nô to Mizoguchi Film: Permutations of the Sanshô Dayû Legend Prof Susan Matisoff 29 October 2012
Digital Revolution in the Study of Japanese Art and Culture Prof Ryo Akama 24 August 2012
Japanese Cities in Chinese Perspective: Towards A Contextual, Regional Approach to Comparative Urbanism (Joint seminar with ARI) Dr Paul Waley 13 March 2012
Family Care for the Elderly in a Changing Japan (Joint seminar with ARI and FASS Health Research Cluster) Prof Ruth Campbell 7 March 2012
At Your Konbini: Small Stores, Large Chains, and Livelihood in Contemporary Japan A/P Gavin Hamilton Whitelaw 5 March 2012
Old-Age Policy and Long Term Care in Japan: Structures and Cases (Joint seminar with FASS Health Research Cluster) Prof John Campbell & Prof Ruth Campbell 27 February 2012
Japan's Shrinking Regions in the 21st Century: Contemporary Responses to Depopulation and Socioeconomic Decline (Joint seminar with FASS Cities Research Cluster) Dr Peter Matanle 22 November 2011
Fascination of Japanese Anime and Cartoon Felt Through Creativity; The Feature and Possibility of Japanese Anime and Cartoon Haruhiko Mikomoto (manga artist); Hideaki Kobayashi (Kadokawa Publishing) 10 November 2011
Toward Glocal Popular Visual Culture Studies Dr Yuko Kikuchi 8 August 2011
The Silver Market Phenomenon in Japan - Implications of Demographic Change on Business and Marketing in the World's Most Aged Society Dr Florian Kohlbacher 3 May 2011
Moving with "No Place to Go": Gendered Job (Im)Mobility in Japan Dr Chris McMorran 27 April 2011
The Rose of Versailles and the History of Shōjo Manga (Girls' Comics) in Japan Dr Deborah Shamoon 25 April 2011
Japan's Immigrant Integration Policy in the Age of Globalization(Joint seminar with FASS Migration Research Cluster) Prof Yamawaki Keizo 4 March 2011
Murakami Inc.: A Bourdieusian Inquiry into the Transnational Fiction of Murakami Haruki Ms Alona Gueverra 2 March 2011
Postwar Japan and “Asia” in Popular Culture Dr Leo Ching Tsushin 27 January 2011
Perceptions of Otaku in the Global Marketplace (Joint Seminar with Minor in Cultural Studies) A/P Carolyn Stevens 8 October 2010
Disability in Japan A/P Carolyn Stevens 27 September 2010
Outdoing Cool Japan: Culture and Administration in the Age of Brand Nationalism (Joint Seminar with Minor in Cultural Studies) Prof Koichi Iwabuchi 30 August 2010
ベトナム史料における象の位相と享保十三年渡来象について (Images of Elephants in Vietnamese Historical Sources: The 1728 Arrival of Pachyderms in Japan) A/P Phan Hai Linh 13 August 2010
Rebuilding Shuri Castle: Japanese Colonialism and Cultural Heritage Preservation Dr Tze M. Loo 12 February 2010
The Singaporean Characteristics of a Japanese Community in Global-City State (Joint seminar with FASS Cities Research Cluster) Prof Tetsuo Mizukami 13 January 2010
Noh Lecture & Demonstration Kanze Noh School 7 January 2010
New Stage of Migration in Japan: Globization of Care Work Dr Reiko Ogawa 14 September 2009
Calibrating Bodies and Cognition through Interactive Practice in a Meaningful Environment Dr Charles Goodwin 7 August 2009
Constructing Inequality Among Peers Dr Marjorie H. Goodwin 7 August 2009
Work, Money and Drinking: The Friendship Networks of Women Managers in Contemporary Japan Ms Ho Swee Lin 16 January 2009
Sexual Harassment Comes of Age? Studies on Working Women and College Students in Japan Dr Chika Shinohara 31 October 2008
Noh Lecture & Demonstration Mr Sakae Terai 25 September 2008
Sukaaretto-sama, arigatoogozeemasu-da: The Linguistic Inferiorization of Black Slaves and Poor Whites in the Japanese Translation of Gone with the Wind (Joint seminar with Dept of English Language & Literature) Dr Mie Hiramoto 12 September 2008
Traces of the Gods: Writing and Hirata Atsutane's Imagining of the “Illustrious Imperial Land” Dr Scot Hislop 22 August 2008
Some Aspects of Sartre's Reception among Post-war Japanese Intellectuals Dr Simone Müller 15 August 2008
Ownership Strategies for Japanese Manufacturing Companies in China Mr Alexandar Wollenberg 18 April 2008
Japanese National Identity in the Imperial Period (Joint seminar with Dept of Geography) A/P Masato Mori 28 March 2008
Walking to Liberty in Osaka : State, Community, and Burakumin in Contemporary Japan Dr Timothy Amos 18 February 2008
Explaining Japanese Policy Responses to the U.S. War on Terrorism: Realism, Neoliberalism and Constructivism Dr Ryoko Nakano 15 February 2008
The Politics of Non-Recognition: Fissures, Frictions, and Ainu Indigeneity in Contemporary Japan Dr Ann-Elise Lewallen 1 February 2008
Institutionalizing Imaged Toyama: Selling Traditional Images of Toyama Medicine through Science Dr Kensuke Sumii 25 January 2008
Better Must Come: Exiting Homelessness in Tokyo and Los Angeles Dr Matthew Marr 18 January 2008
Home Alone: The Individualization of Young, Urban Japanese Singles (Joint seminar with Global Cities Research Cluster, FASS) Dr Richard Ronald 27 November 2007
Japanese Technological Culture (Joint seminar with Science, Technology & Society Cluster, FASS) Dr Morris Low 22 November 2007
The Aging Okama Body in Isshin Inudo's Maison de Himiko Dr Romit Dasgupta 16 November 2007
Women and Tourism in Japan Ms Mari Shimamura 2 November 2007
The Impact of Prior Entries on the Foreign Investment Decision of Japanese Multinational Electronics Firms Dr Mário Henrique Ogasavara 26 October 2007
The Ambiguous Position of Nikkei Brazilian Workers in Japan Dr Regina Yoshie Matsue 19 October 2007
Singapore's Collective Memories of the Second World War: A Comparison with Japan Mr Yosuke Watanabe 12 October 2007
Rethinking ‘Dôka' (Assimilation) in the Japanese Colonial Empire: On Experiences of Okinawan Migrants in Colonial Taiwan Dr Hiroko Matsuda 5 October 2007
Salarymen Masculinity: The Continuity of and Change in the Hegemonic Masculinity in Japan across Three Generations Dr Tomoko Hidaka 21 September 2007
He? She? It? Shingo-mama and Drag Performances Ms Yuen Shu Min 14 September 2007
How the Modern Subject Dances into Sight: Mori Ôgai's Maihime Dr Scot Hislop 7 September 2007
Outcastes and Medical Practices in Tokugawa Japan Dr Timothy Amos 31 August 2007
Reputation and Reassurance in International Politics: The Case of Japan in East Asia A/P Paul Midford 17 August 2007
From Ginza to Shanghai: The Modern Girl in East Asia Prof Vera MacKie 7 August 2007
Japan's Maritime Security Strategy A/P Yoichiro Sato 26 July 2007
Unauthorized Romances: Internet Yaoi Fan Fiction Ms Tan Bee Kee 14 May 2007
Japanese Dialect Contact and Change in Hawai'i: The Case of Tôhoku Dialect Dr Mie Hiramoto 4 October 2006
Examining the Japanese Particle Ne: A Study of its Use in Conversational Interaction Dr Emi Morita 22 September 2006
Promoting Learner Autonomy in Language Classrooms (Joint seminar with Centre for Language Studies) A/P Chihiro Kinoshita Thomson 31 March 2006
"Romantic Virus": 'Auntie Fans' of South Korean Actors in Japan Ms Mari Shimamura 20 March 2006
Project Management Practices in Japan: An Analysis of Project Managers' Characteristics and Perceptions Ms Lim Yin Chum Yvonne 29 November 2005
Working with Hegemonic Masculinity: Work, Marriage, Fatherhood and the “Salaryman” in Japan Dr Romit Dasgupta 31 August 2005
Japan's Role in Sustainable Development in the Philippines: Rhetoric and Realities of Japanese Economic Assistance Mr Sasuya John Wilfred Maligsay 22 August 2005
Nissan: Translating Language, Transforming Culture Dr Fiona Graham 15 April 2005
Fantastic Elements in the Process of Healing: A Study of Yoshimoto Banana's Writings Ms Wang Hongyu Connie 8 April 2005
Contemporary Funeral Industry in Japan and Family Changes Dr Hikari Suzuki 6 April 2005
Political Opportunity and the Enactment of Japan's 'New' Privacy Law Mr Tan Ban Chong, Joseph 1 October 2004
An Exploratory Study of Computer-Mediated Social Support Among Single Mothers in Japan Ms Soong Lai Yee, Juliana 20 August 2004
Gender and Sexuality on Television Dramas: Japan and Brazil Dr Mauro Neves Junior 24 February 2004
A Study on the Error of Additional /No/ by Singaporean Secondary School Students Mr Tan Chyn Ngian 20 February 2004
Memory, Mirrors and Missing Women: Metafictive Narrative Strategies and the Doppelganger Motif in the Fictions of Abe Kobo and Murakami Haruki Mr Baryon Tensor Posadas 13 February 2004
The Portrayal of Islam and Muslims in Japanese News: A Content Analysis of Asahi Shimbun's Coverage of the September 11 Terrorist Attacks Mr Tan Chee Kuan 6 August 2003
Centers of Excellence: The Localization of Sogo Shosha in China Ms Zheng Yu 17 April 2003
Comic Art During the Japanese Occupation of the Philippines Mr Karl Ian Uy Cheng Chua 11 April 2003
Globalisation, International Labour Migration in Contemporary Japan, and the Language Barrier: The International Relations of Interpreting Justice Mr Tomonori Taki 13 November 2002
Reframing Japanese Citizens' Movements: From Accusation to Proposal Mr Simon Avenell 11 November 2002
Tokyo in Global Economy: Economic Restructuring, Urban Policy, and Strategic Planning Mr Asato Saito 6 November 2002
Everyone's Festival? Democratization and Control in Kyoto's Gion Matsuri Dr Christoph Brumann 1 November 2002
A Tentative Study on Restructuring of Everyday Social Orders: Japan, Vietnam and Singapore Prof Kazutaka Hashimoto 23 September 2002
A Middle Class without an Upper Class in Japan Prof Hidehiro Sonoda 11 March 2002

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