Graduate Research

Current graduate students conduct research in areas such as Japanese literature, gender system, media and politics, environmentalism and religion, and trading companies. The tables below list our graduate students, both past and present, and their research topics.

Thesis Topics and Supervisors of Graduate Students (AY2016-2017)

Student Thesis Topic Supervisor
Karen Ang Yunn Harn Between Discourse and Reality: Making Sense of the Lives of Tokugawa A/P Timothy Amos
Gao Ming (PhD) Korean Residents'/Zainchi Situation and Identity Change in Japan, and the Influence of Korean Popular Culture on Them in Particular with a Focus on Female Japanese Role in the Massive Prevalence of Korean Culture in Japan A/P Timothy Amos
Gao Yang (PhD) Pictorialized Stage: Transmission and Reception of the Discourse on the Japanese Performers in Europe at the Turn of the Century A/P Lim Beng Choo
Ku Ka Leung Rebuilding Ohtsuchi Town after the Earthquake and Tsunami - Lessons in Post-Diaster Recovery Management A/P Timothy Amos
Lim Hon Lee Jeremy Anime and the Construction of Fictional Narratives and Characters A/P Deborah Shamoon
Amethy Lu Zihui (PhD) Contemporary Japanese Theatre in Japanese Visual Entertainment Industry Value-chain A/P Lim Beng Choo
Diana Papyan Environmental Awareness of Urban Citizens Based on the Examples of Japan A/P Lim Beng Choo
Maria Thaemar Camanag Tana (PhD) Two-Level Games and Japan's Human Security Policy A/P Lim Beng Choo

Thesis Topics of Recent Graduates (2000 - 2017)

Student Thesis Topic Year of Degree Conferment
Normalis Amzah (PhD) Corporations as Environmentalists - Leading the Ecological Discourse in Japan through Green Advertisements 2017
Eve Lyn Loh Taisho Nihonga Art Collectives 2016
Tobias Fong Chun Wai Yokai in Kusazoshi Caricatures and Classes 2016
Tong Koon Fung Enka as a Marker of Social Difference: Understanding "Tradition" as "Taste" 2014
Yao Huijun A Postcolonial Analysis of Cultural Practices of Ainu Museums in Hokkaido 2014
Yosuke Watanabe (PhD) Don't Forget to Fight!: Singapore's History Education and War Commemoration, 1945-2005 2013
Nguyen Ha Nguyen The 1871 Kaihorei: Discourse, Outcastes and The Politics Of Making Modern Japan 2012
Ken Takiguch (PhD) The History Of The Theatre Exchange Between Japan and Southeast Asia 2012
Junko Sakomoto Normalizing Unnaturalness: Indexing "Foreignness" in Japanese-Dubbed Versions of American Movies and TV Drama 2012
Tan Bee Kee Unauthorized Romances: Female Fans and Weiss Kreuz Internet Yaoi Fanfiction 2011
Alexander Wollenberg (PhD) Efficiency of Japanese High-Tech Companies' Technology Transfer in China 2011
Pang Carolyn Spirit Servant: Narratives of Shikigami and Onmyōdō Developments 2010
Kam Thiam Huat The Common Sense that Makes the "Otaku": Rules for Consuming Popular Culture in Contemporary Japan 2009
Yuen Shu Min Pop-Idol Concerts in Contemporary Japan - Queering Gender, Sexuality and Ethnicity 2008
Zheng Hong Animosity of Preference, Chinese Consumer's Attitudes Towards Japanese Products 2008
Lim Yin Chum A Study of Country-based Differences in Project Manager's Practices in Project Management Implementation: Japan and Singapore 2007
Ni Yuliya Japan's FTA Policy: The Origins, Development and Nature 2007
Sho Shibamoto Problems and Future Prospects of a Japan-China FTA 2007
Xie Qiaoguang A Study of the Role of Guanxi in Sino-Japanese Distribution Channel Relationships in China 2007
Yu Jie Working for Japanese Companies: An Empirical Study of the Conflicts of Japanese Management in China from the Perspective of Chinese Employees 2007
Sasuya John Wilfred Maligsay Sustainable Development: Evaluation of the Rhetoric and Realities of Japanese Economic Assistance to the Philippines 2006
Sustainable Development: Evaluation of the Rhetoric and Realities of Japanese Economic Assistance to the Philippines Online Social Support for Single Mothers in Japan 2006
Tan Ban Chong The Political Opportunity Structure and the Enactment of Japan's "New" Privacy Law 2006
Wang Hongyu Fantastic Elements, Special Families and Feminine Power in Healing - A Study of Yoshimoto Banana's Novels 2006
Karl Ian Uy Cheng Chua The Stories They Tell: Komik Strips during the Japanese Occupation of the Philippines, 1942-45 2005
Ng Suan Khee, Judy Shinto and Christian Festivals: An Analysis of the Japanese Religious Policy in Wartime Singapore 2005
Tan Chee Kuan Editorializing September 11: A News Discourse Analysis of the Asahi Shimbun, the New Straits Times and the New York Times 2005
Tan Chyn Ngian A Study on the Error of Extra Particlel /No/ by Singaporean Secondary School Students 2005
Posadas Baryon Tensor Santiago Memory, Mirrors and Missing Women: Metafictive Narrative Strategies and the Doppelganger Motif in the Fictions of Abe Kobo and Murakami Haruki 2004
Zheng Yu Centers of Excellence?: Localization of Sogo Shosha in China 2004
Guo Jun Hai (PhD) Motivations and Attitudes of Singapore's Japanese Language Learners: A Socio-linguistic Study 2002
Chua Geok Lian Watching Japanese Television Dramas in Singapore: Relevance, Cultural Proximity and Asian Modernity 2002
Lee Chee Keng Negotiating "Culture", Re-presenting "New Asia" A Case Study of Japan Foundation Asia Centers Production of Lear 2002
Lim Mui Leng, Jasmine Recreation in Singapore Under the Japanese Occupation 1942-45 2002
Tam Wai Lok Japanese Video Games in Hong Kong: A Study of Subordinate Males as Consumers 2002
Ikeda Yuko Perception of Japanese Accent and Features of Pronunciation by Singaporean Learners of Japanese 2002
Miyazaki Yumiko Polite Expressions in Japanese at the Japanese Overseas Operating Companies: The Study of Japanese Companies in Singapore 2002
Michiko Goto An Analysis of Learners' Verbs based on Lexical Categories of Verbs (Kudo 1995) 2001
Hu Yi-ling Ikebana in Singapore: Changes and Continuity 2001
Lim Tai Wei The Political Economy of Information Technology (IT) in Japan and Singapore: A Comparative Study 2001
Loo Tze May The Radicalisation of Protest: Kotokushisui and Anarchism in Late Meiji Japan 2000
Tan Shih Ming The Asian Monroe Doctrine: Tokutomi Soho's Concept of a New Asian Order 2000
Wu Xiao Jin The Boom of Karamono Adoration in Muromachi Japan: A Study of Development of Kanga 2000

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