Graduate Research

Current graduate students conduct research in areas such as Japanese literature, gender system, media and politics, environmentalism and religion, and trading companies. The tables below list our graduate students, both past and present, and their research topics.

Thesis Topics and Supervisors of Graduate Students (AY2020-2021)

Student Thesis Topic Supervisor
Shweta Arora (PhD) The significance of female consciousness and identity in Yosano Akiko’s novels: A special reference to Rokō no tegami A/P Deborah Shamoon
Chan Hui Hsien Understanding Shukatsu and redefining its role in the Japanese aging population A/P Thang Leng Leng
Fransiska Widya Chandra Digital Humanities Approaches for the Study of Theatre A/P Lim Beng Choo
Robert St John Coulton Crawford The Transformation of Kagoshima during the Meiji Restoration A/P Timothy Amos
Gao Ming (PhD) Drug, Prostitution, and Venereal Disease in Japanese Manchukuo (1932-45) A/P Timothy Amos
Goh Wei Hao Benjamin Exporting Joshi Maneja - An Examination of the Joshi Mane Phenomenon in Singapore Japanese High School Dr Yuen Shu Min
Satoshi Inuzuka (PhD) Empirical Analysis on Standardization of Japan's Suburban Landscapes from 1960 to 2010 A/P Hendrik Meyer-Ohle
Kim Mi Jin Classical Music in Japan: A Cultural Analysis of Western Art Music in Anime and Manga A/P Deborah Shamoon
Eve Loh Kazuhara (PhD) Tanaka Isson and Liminal Worlds: Paintings of Amami Oshima (1962-1977) Dr Nozomi Naoi & A/P Lim Beng Choo
Tan Jia Min Sarah Exploring Salaryman Life, Culture and Identity/Identities in Japan's Taisho Era A/P Timothy Amos

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