Recent Research Projects

Academic Staff

All staff members are Japan experts with research expertise and training in disciplines like Applied Linguistics, Anthropology, Business Administration, Geography, History, and Political Science, as well Japanese Literature and Cultural Studies. Their research interests include literature and poetics, sociolinguistics, early modern history, traditional performance, marketing, cultural geography, film, comparative aging, tourism, gender studies, art history, work, popular culture, and Japanese cultural interactions with Southeast Asia.

Research Projects

Project Title Principal Investigator/Collaborator
Caste in Early Modern Japan: Danzaemon and the Edo Outcaste Order Timothy Amos
Revisiting Japan’s Restoration: Interregional, Interdisciplinary, and Alternative Perspectives Timothy Amos
Acting Like a State: The Politics of Foreign Labor Admission in Japan and Taiwan Konrad Kalicki
The Nation that Never Was: The Politics of Historical Memory in East Asia and Europe Konrad Kalicki
Archiving Traditional Japanese Performance Lim Beng Choo
Home on the Dot: Podcasting as a Learning Tool Chris McMorran
Last Resort: labor, tourism and identity in Japan Chris McMorran
Assessing the impacts of Grade-free Learning Chris McMorran
Assessing the Role and Organization of HRM in Japanese Firms Hendrik Meyer-Ohle
Japanese Retail – Recruitment Activities by Japanese Companies Hendrik Meyer-Ohle
Japanese Interjections: A comparative study of the so-called “filler” tokens in Japanese talk Emi Morita
Japanese Children's Social Interaction and Language Use Emi Morita
On Text and Image: New Directions in Formal and Narrative Analysis of Manga and Comics Deborah Shamoon
An intergenerational approach to sustainable inter-generational understanding Thang Leng Leng
Mobility, Aging and Health Thang Leng Leng
An indepth study of the new Regional Comprehensive Care System in Japan Thang Leng Leng
LGBT social movements in Japan and Singapore Yuen Shu Min
Queer migration, transgender studies, medical tourism Yuen Shu Min

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