Japan Experience


In Japan

Since May 1998, the department has organized a Business Internship Programme for our students in Hiroshima. The Hiroshima Singapore Association Internship Programme aims to provide students with a firsthand experience of working in a Japanese business environment. Students will have two days of Japanese language training before the three-week internship at these companies: Hiroshima ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel, Hiroshima Shinyo Bank, Japan Travel Bureau Chugoku Shikoku, Kinki Nihon Tourist, Righa Royal Hotel, and Toppan Printing Company. They will also experience the Japanse lifestyle and culture through living with host families and in dormitories.

In Singapore

In 2005, the Department of Japanese Studies started an internship programme during the May to July vacation. This new internship programme enables students to have first hand experience of working in Japanese companies or Japan-related companies in Singapore . It also fulfills the Department's aim to work more closely with companies and organizations in Singapore which are the potential employers of our graduates.

In total, 5 students were selected for the internship programme which ranged from 6 to 8 weeks. Two students were attached to International Enterprise Singapore (IE), and one student each to Rushes Networks Pte Ltd, Sumitomo Corporation (S) Pte Ltd and Yusen Air & Sea Service (S) Pte Ltd. On the whole, students felt that the internship experiences were enriching, enjoyable and beneficial.

"The experience taught me the importance of teamwork and the leader's role in welfare and management"

Jane Fong (interned at Rushes Networks)

"The internship experience was fun, fulfilling, enriching and highly recommended."

Lim Jiaqi (interned at Sumitomo Corporation)

"Everyone at the company was nice and amiable, and I got to know more friends through the internship."

Wu Junxiang (interned at Yusen Logistics Air & Sea Services)

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