FASS Student Spotlight: Ashleigh, Global Studies


Ashleigh Tan talks about the skills she has acquired as a Global Studies major at FASS. Among them: the ability to look at important issues from multiple perspectives, and maintaining an open mind as well as healthy intellectual curiosity about any matters of consequence.

Why choose to take on Global Studies?
I chose Global Studies because I was really intrigued by how you could build your own curriculum in a way where you were not constrained to only taking modules from a particular discipline. Also, having a language component (which was compulsory for my batch) was quite interesting!

I have always been generally more inclined towards the humanities so FASS was the place to be. Plus the fact that I had one year to decide on my major—that got a huge thumbs up from me, the ‘I'm still uncertain of what to study’ pre-university student at the time I made my decision to apply.

Were you apprehensive about anything when you came to FASS?
My main concern was that I really did not know what to expect from the modules: firstly, because they were so different from I had in the JC curriculum, and secondly, because the first year was mainly about taking different modules from different disciplines, which seemed kind of overwhelming in a way. But the professors that taught me and the friends that I made during those modules really helped to alleviate my concerns, and now I am definitely more confident and comfortable with the academic rigour of FASS!

Coming in, was Global Studies your intended major ?
Yes! Getting into FASS and taking Global Studies was actually one of my main motivations to do well in A-Levels.

What has been the greatest skill you've gained from class so far?
That would definitely be the ability to look at important issues and subjects from different perspectives, a skill I am acquiring from my professors and peers. Keeping an open and inquisitive mind during classes really helps me to understand more about my own thought processes and how I can better add value to discussions.

What do you intend to do after graduation?
Travel for a bit and then get a job. Well, that's my short-term plan—I’m going to take things one step at a time.

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