We note with considerable pride the success thus far attained by our graduates. Two are now full-fledged members of the Department's teaching staff. Several of our graduates are Members of Parliament while others hold onerous positions in government departments and community welfare organizations. An increasing number is also active in the private sector. Both Berita Harian and the broadcasting stations (Malay section) are well represented by our graduates. Not the least is the large number of our graduates in the teaching profession.

There is no doubt that our graduates will cumulatively assume a higher and larger profile not only in Malay affairs but also in the overall development of Singapore. Our main concern, therefore, is to provide our undergraduates with a quality education in Malay Studies to enable them to make significant contributions to the improvement of the Malay community and prosperity of Singapore as a whole. Malay Studies graduates are not only conversant with Malay subjects but are well imbued with a knowledge of the social science disciplines. Moreover, they are effectively bilingual in English and Malay. These aspects of their background should fit them well in a variety of occupations including those in the private sector.

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