Multimedia Development Laboratory (Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences)



1) Is the lab open only to FASS staff and student?

Yes. In additonal, the lab is also open to cross-faculty stdudent taking FASS modules. Non FASS staff and students can refer to their faculty's Multimedia Laboratory.

2) What is the difference between MDL and AS7 PC Cluster?

MDL allows students and staff to do video digitization, audio digitization and scanning, with the help of professional equipments, while the AS7 computer cluster is more suited for general computer use.

3) How can I borrow lab equipment?

You can approach the staff-in-charge and request for the lab equipment that you require.
* Please note that lab equipment is subject to availability.

4) Who should I approach should I come across any problems?

You can approach the staff-in-charge should you come across any problems.