Multimedia Development Laboratory (Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences)


Video Digitizing (Exporting)

  exporting settings

Step 1:

Drag the workarea line over your timeline.
File -> Export ->Media In the Export Settings window, set these:
Format: Windows Media or Microsoft AVI or QuickTime or MPEG1 or MPEG2-DVD Preset: PAL Source to High Quality Download or PAL DV or PAL VCD or PAL High Quality Output: Your destinated folder (e.g. V:\New project\Final.wmv)

Click OK.

  Step 2:

Adobe Media Encore CS 4 starts up

adobe media encore

Step 3:

Click "OK".
In the Adobe Media Encorder window, check that you have the correct project awaiting to be exported.
Click Start Queue.
Exporting is now in progress

eporting in progress

When exporting is complete, you should find your exported file with the file name that you specified, under the folder chosen earlier.