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What is Multidisciplinary Minors (MDMs)?

Multi-disicplinary minors look at a specific topic from the viewpoints of different disciplines. For example, taking a multidisciplinary minor in Gender Studies would allow you to explore the issues of gender from the perspectives of English Literature, Japanese Studies, Philosophy or Sociology. Exploring a particular topic across various disicplinary boundaries helps broaden your intellectual horizon and equips you with the ability to look at an issue from multiple standpoints.

Why is this beneficial to you?

This will also ensure that you have 'generic' skills to equip you for your future

Breadth: you examine a specific topic from multiple disciplinary perspectives
Depth: you will focus on one particular area and be familiar with its various aspects
Plus you now have an additional area of competence on your CV!

You can fulfil and achieve your minor easily!

  • You will be able to utilize your Unrestricted Electives (UE) flexibly to fulfil the minor requirements.
  • Breadth, Exposure, or GEM modules within the minor basket can be used to fulfil both sets (Breadth/Exposure/GEM versus minor) of requirements. (Cohort 2014 and before)
  • You can even use up to 8MCs under your major credits, or from another minor, to meet the current minor requirements. (Cohort 2014 and before)
  • You are given priority as a multidisciplinary minor student and can bid for your minor requirement modules one round earlier than can your peers during the CORS bidding period.
  • Students are not allowed to count the new coded GET/GEH/GES/GER/GEQ modules towards both the Major or Minor requirements, unless otherwise approved. If the GET/GEH/GES/GER/GEQ module is used to fulfil your minor requirements, please read another module under the same GE pillar to fulfil your GE requirements. (Cohort 2015 onwards)



List of Multidiscplinary Minors paired with cognate majors (Offered by Office of Programmes)

Multidisciplinary Minors
Cognate Majors
Chinese Studies, History and Philosophy

Southeast Asian Studies, Philosophy, History and Sociology

History, Philosophy and Sociology


Multidiscplinary Minors offered by other departments

Offered by Department of
Multidisciplinary Minors
English Language and Literature


Geographical Information System

Urban Studies

Petroleum Exploration (For Cohorts 2013 to 2015 only)

Aquatic Ecology

History European Studies
Sociology Cultural Studies
Communications and New Media Interactive Media Development
Chinese Studies Chinese Translation
Political Science Global Studies