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Assoc Prof Lee Cheuk Yin

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As the most populous nation and one of the oldest civilizations in the world, China has become increasingly important in international politics and the global economy. China is not only a dynamic market but also a strategic partner for Singapore. Today, China is Singapore’s fifth largest trade partner while Singapore constitutes the sixth largest foreign investor in the People’s Republic of China. The realization of a China-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement by 2010 will potentially create a market size of 1.7 billion consumers and involve an annual two-way trade worth US$1.2 trillion dollars. China, in short, offers enormous potential for Singapore and great prospects for new graduates. The demand for graduates with knowledge of China will increase significantly as the country and its economy continue to grow.

To engage China, one must understand its history and culture. Often, serious misunderstandings arise because of ignorance of the cultural sensitivities of the Chinese. In addition to history and culture, those intending to work or conduct business in China must understand the ways in which Chinese society, politics, and economy operate.

The study of China, therefore, requires a multidisciplinary approach. The Minor in China Studies offers just that.  It aims at providing students with a basic understanding of Chinese culture, history, society, politics, and economy which can complement their major courses of study and prepare them for a career in or relating to China.