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Assoc Prof Teofilo C. Daquila

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What is the meaning of “religion” in the 21st-century?  Sigmund Freud sought to bring religion beneath the microscope of scientific rationality in his 1927 work The Future of an Illusion.  Religion, answering back, might quote Mark Twain: "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated."

Religion has always been a prominent force in human life, and, despite predictions to the contrary, it remains one today.  In this region, it is impossible to understand our society or those of our neighbours’ without understanding the religions that permeate them.  Moreover, by virtue of its secular state and pluralistic society, Singapore is well positioned to take a leading role in the study of religion.

Religious Studies at NUS will involve the scholarly exploration both of the phenomenon of religion and of different specific religious traditions.  Religious Studies, as a scholarly and intellectual discipline, transcends individual disciplines to consider beliefs, practices, texts, history and social functions of religion from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.

This programme will train students to discuss - with respect and grace - some of the most volatile issues of our time