Overseas Educational Programmes

Summer/ Winter Programmes

Students can participate in the summer/ winter programmes organised by NUS or our partner universities. This is a shorter version of SEP which allows students are able to experience independent life in a different culture for a few weeks.


NUS Tuition Fee Waiver for 12- MC Credit Transfer
Students who participate in up to 2 overseas summer/ winter programmes during their 3 to 4 years of undergraduate study in NUS can transfer up to a maximum of 12 MCs (NUS tuition fee waived). Special Term tuition fees will apply in addition to summer/ winter programme fees for students who wish to transfer more than 12 MCs. For the Special Term tuition fees payable, please refer to this website.

In order for students to enjoy the 12-MC fee waiver, students must first pass and earn the relevant credits. Please also ensure that you carry out proper module mapping procedures (please see below) and obtain the appropriate approval accordingly. The number of actual credits that can be transferred will be subjected to the same rules under the MC Exchange Ratios. Please note that the fee waiver was implemented starting from Summer AY2007/08 (June to July 2008); it does not apply retrospectively.


Module Mapping and Credit Transfer Procedures
This above link gives procedural information for students seeking module mapping and credit transfer.


Financial Assistance for Summer/ Winter ProgrammesFor summer/ winter programmes that are organised by external universities, there are no financial aid available to FASS students.


Information Briefing for Summer/ Winter Programmes
The FASS Study Abroad team will usually conduct briefings on summer programmes for students in January or February each year. For more information, please check your NUS email regularly for updates of when these sessions will be conducted. Alternatively, do visit our FASS Study Abroad Blog or Facebook for updates.


FASS Summer Programmes

FASStrack Asia: The Summer School 2017 (19 June to 21 July 2017)
FASStrack Asia: The Summer School will be offered in Special Term 2 of each Academic Year.

Combining the widely popular and successful OdySEA summer school and the long-running IARU Global Summer Programme (Southeast Asia in Context) under the FASStrack Asia umbrella since 2014, we invite you to join us in this 5- week summer school where you will get to interact with international students from all over the world including from top universities such as Yale, UC Berkeley, University of Copenhagen and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill etc, as well as your fellow NUS students.

FASStrack Asia offers a choice of various modules from the Asian Studies and Social Sciences Divisions, and the Centre of Language Studies. There may also be modules offered from other NUS Faculties. You will get a chance to go on a field trip to an Asian country, such as China, Japan, Korea or Southeast Asia led by lecturers well-versed in the region; and have an in-depth exploration of a theme or topic in that country. Through living, studying and travelling with one another for a period of 7-9 days, this is your summer opportunity to earn academic credits, while embarking on an exciting adventure to soak up some cultural experiences in the country of visit!

Besides classes and field trips, FASStrack Asia also offer a variety of social activities during the course of the summer school such as a Welcome Session, local tours in Singapore, fireside chats with distinguished speakers, and a Farewell Dinner for all participants.

Modules offered do not require pre-requisites and are open to all NUS students and students of other universities.

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Overseas Summer/ Winter Programmes
Students can also refer to the international summer/ winter programmes listed by IRO here and apply to the partner universities as per the instructions given online. Alternatively, students can also self-source for a summer/ winter programme in a university located in a destination they like to visit, and apply directly. Generally, such overseas summer/ winter programmes will be on a self-financing basis unless otherwise stated. Credit transfers will be possible subject to module mapping approval by the relevant departments or Faculties, and the MC Exchange Ratios for SEP.


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Student Exchange Programme



Isn't the picture above just amazing? Dahpne Tan, one of our English Language students who went to University of Arizona for her exchange and stood on the precipice of a breathtaking canyon. For most of you, SEP conjures up exotic locations, fascinating cultures and different ways of life - doesn't it? SEP is an exciting opportunity to broaden your horizons, as well as to enhance your university studies or allow you to access greater research materials, deepen your research focus and perhaps learning from another supervisor.

FASS has a varied and exciting overseas student exchange programme, where you can experience an enriching semester or two in a different country, enjoying all that a different educational, social and cultural setting has to offer. For international students who come here for an exchange semester, FASS also offers a vibrant cultural, educational and social experience for one and all.

Best of all, you will also be able to integrate and quantify your learning experiences as part of your undergraduate programme. You will be able to get credit transfer for the approved coursework you read while overseas under the exchange programme towards the fulfillment of your degree requirements.

Currently, NUS has exchange agreements with over 180 universities, for example, University of California campuses, Boston University, Peking University and King's College, University College London. In addition, FASS also has Faculty-level and Departmental-level exchanges with universities that have excellent programmes such as the University of Tokyo and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

NUS Overseas College (NOC) Programme


NUS Overseas College (NOC) programme aims to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of students. During the 1-year programme, students intern in a technology-based start-up company and take up courses part-time in reputable universities.



Students, regardless of major, can apply for the programme if they have completed four semesters of studies and obtained at least 80 MC. Students are also required to spend at least one regular semester in NUS upon their return from the programme.

If you wish to apply for the full year NOC, please do so in your 2nd year at NUS so that you will be able to head out in your 3rd year. Students who apply for NOC in their semester 1r, 3rd year will only be allowed to go for half year NOC programme if they are unable and unwilling to proceed to Honours.

To qualify to read discipline modules, students must obtain a minimum CAP of 3.5 and above. They are to seek permission from the relevant departments on the mapping of discipline modules.



Students can use the internship and entrepreneurial modules only to fulfil either their Breadth or Unrestricted Electives outside the Major requirements.


Further Information

To apply for the programme, please visit the NOC website.


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