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What is it about

Students who take up this minor will leave it with a knowledge of contemporary debates in cultural studies and with a theoretical tool-kit capable of analyzing a range of social processes and cultural forms and practices including cinema, cyberspace, popular fiction, popular music and television. Although central to daily life in contemporary, high-technology based society, many of these contemporary cultural phenomena have been placed outside the boundaries of established disciplines such as sociology, history and literary studies, in part because the concepts developed within singular disciplines are unable to capture their complexities.

Through multidisciplinary methodologies, Cultural Studies combines and adapts qualitative research strategies to specific analytic interests, including textual analysis, ethnographic observations and different theories of interpretation, including semiotics, psychoanalysis, post-structuralism and post-modernism.

The general aims of the Minor are:

  • To provide coherence to possible combinations of modules offered by different departments to undergraduates,
  • To provide conceptual and methodological tools for students to gain depth of understanding and skills in analysis of contemporary cultural practices,
  • To provide students with analytic and conceptual skills which are increasingly demanded in a service oriented and information based economy.

Career Prospects

Because Cultural Studies is engaged with a critical analysis of the many forms of contemporary culture, a minor in Cultural Studies can be of use to any job that one wishes to pursue. The ability to read, think, write, and engage critically with all aspects of daily culture is a formidable skill to take into the job market, including a critical understanding of the market itself.

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