Conferences & Workshops

The department regularly organizes international workshops on various topics in philosophy with financial support from the university, and sometimes, external sponsors as well. Beginning from June 2010, announcements for upcoming workshops and conferences will be made through the department's blogBlog.

Previous International Workshops and Conferences organized by the department include:

- International Workshop In Honor of Professor Chad Hansen, Global Themes in Ethical Naturalism (27-28 June 2011); organized by Tan Sor Hoon.

- Workshop on Amartya Sen's Idea of Justice (11-12 Aug 2010); organized by Tan Sor Hoon.

- Workshop on Depiction and Description (15-16 Jan 2010); organized by Ben Blumson.

- Workshop on the Elements of Justice (14-15 Aug 2009); organized by Kyle Swan.

- The Search for Legitimacy: Managing the Political Consequences of Asian Development (27-28 July 2009); organized by Haig Patapan (Griffith University), John Kane (Griffith University), and Loy Hui Chieh.

- Workshop on Model-Based Representation in Scientific Practice (read more); organised by Axel Gelfert.

- Conference on Science, Technology, and Values in Asian Development (27-29 July 2008); organized by Axel Gelfert, Loy Hui Chieh and Edward Moad.

- Workshop on Democracy as Art, Belief and Culture: Dewey in Our Time (1-2 Sep 2007); organized by Tan Tan Sor-hoon and John Whalen-Bridge (Department of English Language and Literature). Overseas participants include Roger Ames, Gu Hongliang, Larry Hickman, Bruce Robbins, Richard Shusterman, Sun Youzhong, Jessica Ching-Sze Wang and Judy Whipps.

- Australasian Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy Annual Meeting (1-4 Oct 2003); organized by A. T. Nuyen; Overseas participants include Chung-ying Cheng, Eliot Deutsch, Chad Hansen, Karyn Lai, and Roy Perrett.

- Workshop on Challenging Citizenship: Group Membership and Cultural Identity in a Global Age (11-13 Jan 2003); organized by Tan Sor-hoon; Overseas participants include Catherine Audard, Daniel A. Bell, April Carter, Baogang He, Barry Hindess, Will Kymlicka, Steven Lukes, Alan Montefiore, and James Tiles.

- Workshop on Conceptions of Filial Piety in Chinese Thought and History (10-12 Jan 2002); organized by Alan Chan and Tan Sor-hoon; overseas participants include Anne Cheng, Patricia Ebrey, Ikeda Tomohisa, Philip Ivanhoe, Keith Knapp, Livia Kohn, Lisa Raphals, Mugitani Kunio.

- Workshop on Self, Family, and Community: Aspects of Chinese and Western Ethics (12-13 May 2000); organized by Chong Kim Chong; overseas participants include Tony Coady, Margaret Coady, Dean Cocking, John Greenwood, Jeannette Kennett, Karyn Lai, Bryan Van Norden.

- Workshop on Mencius and His Legacy (Jan 1999); organized by Alan Chan; overseas participants include Roger Ames, Irene Bloom, A.S. Cua, Robert Eno, David Nivison, and Kwong-loi Shun.