Honours in Philosophy


Undergraduates admitted to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences may major in philosophy and obtain a B.A. degree or B.A. (Honors) degree, the requirements for which depends on which cohort the student is from.

Single Major B.A. (Hons.) 2007 Cohort onwards

(1) Declare that one is on Honors Track after completing 110 MCs, including 60 MCs in the Major, with a CAP of 3.5 and above.
(2) Pass at least 100 MCs of PH or PH recognized modules, including PH1102E Introduction to Philosophy* and PH2110 Logic.
(3) Pass a minimum of 60 MCs of level-3000 or higher modules, with a minimum of 40 MCs at level-4000 PH or higher.
(4) A maximum of 2 PH modules at level-5000 (subject to department's approval).
(5) A maximum of 10 MCs of PH-recognised modules.

(*Note: Beginning from AY2010/2011, PH1102E replaces PH1101E Reason and Persuasion as a required module for philosophy majors. Students who took PH1101E before AY2010/2011 can still count it towards their requirements. Students may choose to read both modules, but only either PH1101E OR PH1102E can be used towards the graduation requirements, not BOTH.Philosophy major students are not allowed to use either modules as a UE or UE outside major.)

The Honors Thesis

PH4401 Honours Thesis is an optional module. To qualify to enroll, students from the 2007 Cohort onwards must be on the Honors Track. Students from the 2007 Cohort onwards must be on the Honors Track, complete at least 110MCs including 60 MCs of PH major requirements and obtain a minimum CAP of 3.5. Students from the 2004-2006 Cohorts must complete at least 100 MC, including 56MC of PH major requirements, and obtain either a minimum CAP of 4.0, or a minimum SJAP of 4.0 and CAP of 3.5 at the point of registration, in order to qualify to enroll in PH4401. Detailed information on the Honours Thesis can be found in the linked document (.pdf).

Independent Study Module

PH4660 Independent Studies Module precludes PH4401/PH4401S (i.e., students may not enroll in both). To register for PH4660, a student must obtain the agreement of a faculty member to supervise an approved topic of study. A written agreement between the student and supervisor must be submitted to the Head of Department for approval. The form of the agreement can be downloaded (.pdf).