Minor in Philosophy


Undergraduate students are always welcome to enroll in philosophy modules even if they do not lead to a major in philosophy. In general, level 1000 to 3000 modules are accessible to non-majors students (note that some modules may have pre-requisites), but level 4000 modules are normally restricted to majors unless permission is sought from the Department.

For the 2006 Cohorts onwards, students with an interest in philosophy can also obtain a Minor in Philosophy. For students majoring in other disciplines, whether in the sciences or the arts, a Minor in Philosophy could broaden their intellectual horizons as well as help them cultivate a deeper self-reflective attitude towards their own and other disciplines.

To obtain a Minor in Philosophy:

(1) Pass at least 24 MCs of PH or PH-recognized modules, including PH1102E Introduction to Philosophy*.
(2) A minimum of 4 MCs at level-3000.
(3) A maximum of 4 MCs of PH-recognised modules.

A maximum of 8 MCs from the minor can be used to satisfy the requirements of a major or another minor.

*Note 1: Beginning from AY2010/2011, PH1102E replaces PH1101E Reason and Persuasion as a required module for philosophy majors. Students who took PH1101E before AY2010/2011 can still count it towards their requirements. Students may choose to read both modules, but only either PH1101E OR PH1102E can be used towards the PH minor graduation requirements, not BOTH. However, you may count one of those not used for minor requirements as UE. Take note that if you upgrade your minor to a second major, then the PH module could no longer count as UE.

*Note 2: Modules which are cross-listed with PH modules can be used to satisfy the minor requirement.