Philosophy Society


The Philosophy Interest group

The Philosophy Interest Group aims to foster a close-knit community of philosophers, where our members are brought closer together through our common passion in philosophy.

The club provides a balance of both philosophical and social activities to foster strong bonds among students (undergrad and graduate), faculty, and alumni. This gives members from all walks of life – majors, minors, and even people who have never done a philosophy module but are interested nonetheless – a chance to engage in and to experience the fun side of philosophy, and gain many new insights about life and the world.

The following is a summary of the various activities that we conduct throughout the semester:

Philosophical Activities

Discussion Forums, Mini Lectures, Student-led Discussions, Film-Screening and Discussion.

Social Activities

The Philosophy Utility-Maximising Exam Welfare Pack!, Pizza and Gelato Gatherings, Holiday Gatherings, Philosophy Movie Marathon!


Alumni Sharing on the Usefulness and Relevance of Philosophy in the Corporate World, Career Guidance and Advisory Clinics for Philosophy Majors/Minors.

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