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Postdoc Opening

Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Fellowship in History and Political Science

The Departments of History and Political Science are developing interdisciplinary research cooperation in the History and Theory of International Relations, with particular reference to the 20th century and problems of theorizing cultures and institutions of power in the global order. The successful candidate will be someone who holds a PhD degree (or is awaiting conferment) in either discipline, and has research interests and expertise relating to hegemonic transitions and great power relationships. We are particularly interested in candidates with relevant expertise in the China-USA relationship. read more

Ted Hopf

Professor Ted Hopf has been appointed by the University as a Provost's Chair in the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

Professor Ted Hopf's appointment is in recognition of his outstanding internationally acknowledge scholarly accomplishments.

External Intervention and the Politics of State Formation

Dr. Ja Ian Chong won the best book prize from the International Studies Association

Dr. Chong has also the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Faculty Award for Promising Researcher. This award is presented to researchers who have produced research that shows potential impact and promise. Dr. Chong has been with FASS since 2010 and his research focuses on international relations, especially IR theory, security, and international relations in the Asia-Pacific. Of particular interest are issues that stand at the nexus of international and domestic politics. read more

Shamsul Haque

Professor Shamsul Haque won the Fred W. Riggs Award for Lifetime Scholarly Achievement

The Fred W. Riggs Award is awarded for Lifetime Scholarly Achievement in International and Comparative Administration by the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA).


Reconstructing the Cold War

Professor Ted Hopf won the Robert L. Jervis and Paul Schroeder Best Book Award

The Robert L. Jervis and Paul Schroeder Best Book Award is awarded annually by the American Political Science Association (APSA) for the best book in International History and Politics. For more details, please click read more


Reconstructing the Cold War

Dr. Robert Woodberry's recent scholarship acknowledged by multiple awards

Dr. Woodberry's article The Missionary Roots of Liberal Democracy (American Political Science Review 106(2): 244-74) has won the following awards:

  • The Luebbert Article Award for the best article in the field of comparative politics
  • The Michael Wallerstein Award for the best published article in Political Economy in the previous calendar year
  • American Political Science Association Best Article Award for an article focusing on democratization