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Ted Hopf

Associate Professor Soo Yeon Kim's research group awarded $4.95 million dollar grant

Dr. Kim is a founding member of the Global Production Networks Centre at NUS (GPN@NUS), led by Henry Yeung (PI) and Neil Coe (Co-PI) of Geography. The nine-member research group was recently awarded $4.95 million for three years under the ODPRT Strategic Research Proposals 2014 programme. GPN@NUS includes faculty members from Geography, Economics, Political Science, and Sociology. As a member of this research group, Associate Professor Soo Yeon Kim will continue her work on production networks and the politics of free trade agreements in Asia.

Ted Hopf

Professor Ted Hopf has been appointed by the University as a Provost's Chair in the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

Professor Ted Hopf's appointment is in recognition of his outstanding and internationally acknowledged scholarly accomplishments.

External Intervention and the Politics of State Formation

Dr. Ja Ian Chong won the best book prize from the International Studies Association

Dr. Chong has also won the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Faculty Award for Promising Researcher. This award is presented to researchers who have produced research that shows potential impact and promise. Dr. Chong has been with FASS since 2010 and his research focuses on international relations, especially IR theory, security, and international relations in the Asia-Pacific. Of particular interest are issues that stand at the nexus of international and domestic politics. read more

Shamsul Haque

Professor Shamsul Haque won the Fred W. Riggs Award for Lifetime Scholarly Achievement

The Fred W. Riggs Award is awarded for Lifetime Scholarly Achievement in International and Comparative Administration by the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA).


Reconstructing the Cold War

Professor Ted Hopf won the Robert L. Jervis and Paul Schroeder Best Book Award

The Robert L. Jervis and Paul Schroeder Best Book Award is awarded annually by the American Political Science Association (APSA) for the best book in International History and Politics. For more details, please click read more


Reconstructing the Cold War

Dr. Robert Woodberry's recent scholarship acknowledged by multiple awards

Dr. Woodberry's article The Missionary Roots of Liberal Democracy (American Political Science Review 106(2): 244-74) has won the following awards:

  • The Luebbert Article Award for the best article in the field of comparative politics
  • The Michael Wallerstein Award for the best published article in Political Economy in the previous calendar year
  • American Political Science Association Best Article Award for an article focusing on democratization
Peter D. Finn

Mr. Peter D. Finn receives Public Spiritedness Award from SCDF

PhD Candidate Peter Finn received a Public Spiritedness Award (PSA) from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) 1st Division Commander LTC Alan Chong for leading firefighting efforts against a blaze at Engineering E4 Block on the night of April 23rd.


A Prestigious University Fellowship

Mr. Benjamin Seet has been awarded a prestigious University Fellowship from the Ohio State University. He is currently a Masters student in the Department and will begin a PhD program in Political Science at OSU in Fall 2015.


Invitation to FASS Bookshare

You are invited to FASS Bookshare this November! Happening on Tuesday the 24th at the FASS Faculty Lounge from 1 to 2 pm, FASS Bookshare will on this occasion feature three recent single authored books by professors from the Department of Political Science.

Register using your full name and email with the subject line "Bookshare" to

Download the Bookshare catalogue at

Associate Professor Chen An <>  will speak about The Transformation of Governance in Rural China: Market, Finance, and Political Authority <> , published by Cambridge University Press in December 2014. 406 pages long, the book focuses on the outbreak of organised, violent peasant protests across the Chinese countryside from the late 1990s to early 2000s. Chen endeavours to understand from these protests the question of the Chinese government's control in the countryside and the impact of this violent resistance on China's rural governance in the context of market liberalisation. Utilising extensive field research and data collected from surveys across rural China, the book provides an in-depth exploration of how rural governance in China has been transformed following two major tax reforms: the tax-for-fee reform of 2002–4, and the abolition of agricultural taxes (AAT) in 2005–6. In a multidimensional analysis which combines approaches from political science, economics, finance and sociology, Chen argues that private economic power has merged with political power in a way that has reshaped village governance in China, threatening to fundamentally change its political structure. A result of 12 years  research, the study has been described as “rich and insightful” and is recommended reading for those who wish to better understand of “the foundations of Communist Party rule in China.”


Associate Professor Jamie Davidson <>  will discuss Indonesia's Changing Political Economy: Governing the Roads <>  (Cambridge University Press, January 2015, 312 pp.), a critical analysis of the politics inhibiting infrastructure investment in Indonesia. In Indonesia's Changing Political Economy: Governing the Roads Davidson utilizes evidence from his research, press reports and rarely used consultancy studies to challenge mainstream explanations for low investment rates and the sluggish adoption of liberalizing reforms. He argues that obstacles have less to do with weak formal institutions and low fiscal capacities of the state than with entrenched, rent-seeking interests, misaligned central-local government relations, and state-society struggles over land. Using a political-sociological approach, Prof Davidson demonstrates that 'getting the politics right' matters as much as getting the prices right or putting the proper institutional safeguards in place for infrastructure development. “Sophisticated and powerful”, Davidson “sheds new light on the struggles between different versions and types of capitalism both outside and within the developing world", writes Professor of Political Science and Public Policy David Levi-Faur of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. John T. Sidel, Professor of International and Comparative Politics at LSE states that this book, a “close, careful analysis [that] represents a pioneering study, both of authoritarian and post-authoritarian Indonesia and of infrastructure politics in the developing world in general…will be of immense value for its insights on the changing political economy of Indonesia and for its implications - and the example it sets.”


Associate Professor Terence Lee <>   will talk about Defect or Defend: Military Responses to Popular Protests in Authoritarian Asia <> . Published by Johns Hopkins University in January 2015, this 264 page book uses four case studies from Asia to provide insight into the military’s role during the transitional phase of regime change. Lee compares popular uprisings in the Philippines and Indonesia—both of which successfully engaged military support to bring down authoritarian rule—with protest movements in China and Burma which were violently suppressed by military forces. Lee’s theory of "high personalism" and power-sharing among the armed forces leadership provides a framework for understanding the critical transitory phases of democratization. He uses this theory to review and assess Eastern Europe’s democratization events in 1989, the Colored Revolutions of the early 2000s, and the protests and revolutions unfolding in the Middle East. David Pion-Berlin, who is Professor of Political Science at University of California, Riverside states that "Terence Lee convincingly demonstrates how personalistic authoritarian regimes foster splits within the officer corps that lead disaffected soldiers to align with civilian protesters. In doing so, the author restores the armed forces and civil-military affairs to their rightful place in the study of authoritarian regimes and why they fall."


Attached is a map indicating the location of the Faculty Lounge. Please click here for the poster. We are looking forward to seeing you at Bookshare!


Singapore at 50

You are cordially invited to our symposium, Singapore at 50: Reflections and Visions, taking place on 10 March 2015, 10am.

The past 50 years have seen Singapore develop from a fledgling state where worries abound about its survivability to a cosmopolitan and prosperous society that is trying to define its identity in the midst of rapid globalization. As the country celebrates its 50th year of independence, it is timely to ponder how far we have come and how we can move on from here. To mark this momentous event, the Singapore Research Nexus (SRN), the Social and Policy Research Cluster, and the Department of Political Science at the NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) are proud to jointly organize a symposium titled "Singapore at 50: Reflections and Visions".

This symposium seeks to create a platform for the discussion and contemplation of Singapore's first 50 years, with a view towards its next 50. It will feature four speakers who hail from different sectors representing the disabled, the elderly, the youth, and the arts and creative industries. Drawing on a wealth of insights and experiences that they have accumulated over many years, the speakers will reflect upon how Singapore has developed, point out present and future challenges, and offer a compelling vision of Singapore's future as it welcomes its 50th birthday.

The details of the symposium are as follows:

Date: 10th March 2015 (Tuesday) Time: 10am to 1pm (lunch is provided from 1pm onwards) Venue: National University of Singapore, FASS Shaw Foundation Building, Block AS7 #01-17, 5 Arts Link, Singapore 117570

To learn more about the event and its speakers, please click on the following link:

There will also be a photography exhibition featuring winning photographs from Picture Singapore 2014 SRN Photography Competition ( ) and a prize presentation ceremony where the winning entry of the Singapore on Screen III 2014 FASS Student Film Competition ( will be screened.

View the flyer: