Seminars for AY2013/2014

Semester 2


1 6 February 2014 John Donaldson
Singapore Management University

Shifting Strategies: A Comparison of the Provincial Leadership of Guizhou and their Approach to Development and Poverty Reduction.

2 13 February 2014 Ethan Putterman
National University of Singapore

Hobbes on Democracy and War.

3 20 February 2014 Matthew Walker

Aristotle, Contemplation, and

4 13 March 2014 Daniela Irrera
University of Catania

The EU Strategies in Tackling the Crime-Terror Nexus in the Multilateral Context.

5 20 March 2014 Shawna Metzger
USP - National University of Singapore

The Chicken or the Egg?: A Coevolutionary Approach to Disputed Issues and Militarized Conflict

6 27 March 2014 Dan Slater
University of Chicago

Democracy through Strength: Exiting Authoritarianism in Developmental Asia.

7 3 April 2014 Huang Yinghong
Sun Yat-Sen University

To be announced.

7 10 April 2014 Janice Bially Mattern
National University of Singapore

On Being Convinced: An Emotional Epistemology of International Relations.

8 11 & 12 April 2014 See announcement for more details

Rationality in Politics and its Limits - A Symposium

9 15 April 2014 Richard Shapcott

The Responsible Cosmopolitan State.

10 24 April 2014 Edmund Malesky
Duke University &
Markus Taussig
NUS, Business School
Participation in Legal Drafting and Compliance with Business Regulation: Evidence from Vietnam

Semester 1
No Date Speakers

1 23 August 2013 Daniel Weinstock
McGill University

The Complex Normative Foundations of Language Policy.

2 29 August 2013 S.P. Harish
New York University

War and Gender Inequilty: Evidence from the Indonesian Occupation of Timor Leste.

3 2 September 2013 Ian Holiday
University of Hong Kong

Freedom and Fear in Myanmar.

4 5 September 2013 Chandran Kukathas
London School of Economics

The State and its Interests.

5 12 September 2013 Mathias Risse
Harvard University

Three Views on the Role of Trade in a Theory of Global Justice, and Why One of Them is Better than the Others.

6 4 October 2013 Andrew Phillps
University of Queensland

Empire, Nonwestern Standards of Civilization and Imperial Expansion in the Early Modern World.

7 17 October 2013 Erik Mobrand
National University of Singapore
Department Research Seminar - TBC.

8 31 October 2013 Daniel Bell
Tsinghua University

What's Wrong with Political Meritocracy and What Can Be Done to Minimize Problems.

9 7 November 2013 Itty Abraham & James D Sidaway

The Birth of the International.

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