Undergraduate Advisors


Tel: 6516 3981
Tel:6516 1539
Tel: 6516 3713
Tel: 6516 7512

Honours Year Advisor

Soo Yeon KIM

Tel: 65163981

USP ISM Advisor

Tel: 65163981


Student Mentors
Student mentors are teaching faculty who work closely with the Dean’s Office to help students in difficulty. Starting in 2006, the Mentors and the Dean’s office have worked together to identify and counsel students in the Department with low CAP/SJAP. Mentors help walk the student through problems which may be related to family, finance or adjustment to university life. They listen to the student, suggest ideas, and advise students on a confidential basis.


Tel: 6516 7596

Student Exchange Programme (SEP) and Non-Graduating Student (NGS) Advisors

For department procedures on SEP, please visit http://www.fas.nus.edu.sg/pol/SEP.html

Tel: 6516 3972

Internship Advisor

Tel: 6516 3713

Peers Programme Advisor

Tel: 6516 7596

Political Science Society (PSSOC) Advisor

Tel: 6516 3398