Modules - Level 4000

AY 2015-2016, Semester 2


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Module Code Module Title
Sub Field
Contemporary Political Theory PT
Terry Nardin

Theories of International Relations IR
Tudor Onea

Major Political Thinkers: Plato & Rousseau
PT Ethan Putterman
European Foreign Policy IR Reuben Wong
PS4219 Comparative Political Thought PT
Dunya Lepori

PS4228 Comparative Democratic Politics CP
Chen An

PS4231 Social Theory and International Relations PT Ted Hopf
Honours Thesis *
- -
PS4660 Independent Study * -

Topics in CP: Malaysian Politics CP
Hussin Mutalib

Topics in IR: Globalisation, Security and the State
IR Terence Lee
PS4882D Topics in IR: Politics of Global Migration IR Kevin McGahan
PS4882E Topics in IR: Arms Control IR Soul Park
PS4882F The Politics of International Trade IR Soo Yeon Kim
PS4882H Topics in IR: Food Politics IR Hyejin Kim
PS4883A Topics in PT: Orientalism and Femininity PT Dunya Lepori
PS4884A Topics in PA: Applying Public Policy Theory GPP Han Hee-Jin
PS5312R Seminar in Comparative Politics CP Jamie Davidson
PS5316R Seminar in Public Administration GPP Han Hee-Jin
PS5603R Introduction to Qualitative Methods Methods Ted Hopf


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