Modules - Level 4000

AY 2015-2016, Semester 1


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Module Code Module Title
Sub Field
China's Foreign Policy IR
Chong Ja Ian

Contemporary Politics of Southeast Asia CP
Jamie Davidson

Regional Security in the Asia Pacific
IR Soul Park
PS4209 Public Organisation Theory & Practice GPP
Shamsul Haque

PS4213 International Political Theory PT
William Bain

PS4215 Politics of Non-Violence PT
Patrick Smith

PS4216 The Study of War IR
Soul Park

PS4217E Major Political Thinkers: Oakeshott PT
Terry Nardin

PS4217F Major Political Thinkers: Hobbes PT
Luke O'Sullivan

PS4220 Rhetoric & Politics PT
Elvin Lim

PS4224 State & Society CP
Dunya Lepori

PS4225 Contemporary Issues in Chinese Politics CP
Erik Mobrand

Honours Thesis *
- -
PS4660 Independent Study * -

Topics in IR: 20th Century International Thought IR Sinja Graf
Topics in IR: Politics of International Economic Relations
IR Pan Zhengqi
PS5111R Research Design in Political Science Ess/Methods Soo Yeon Kim
PS5314R Seminar in International Relations IR Chong Ja Ian
PS5318R Politicsl of Authoritarian Rule CP Terence Lee


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