Political Science Peers Programme



The Peers Programme is a department initiative to promote improved essay-writing skills by mobilizing a select group of PS students to offer advice to their peers. Our trained peer tutors are appointed by the department to offer assistance with writing to any student enrolled in a Political Science module.
Showing a paper to a friend or talking over ideas with a classmate is often helpful in making our writing better. The Peers Programme operates in a similar way, as our tutors function as sounding boards for your ideas and as constructive critics of your writing. We provide one-on-one consultations with our tutors. These consultations supplement advice students can receive from instructors.

How It Works?

Writing conferences comprise the core of the Peers Programme. The format of these sessions varies with student needs. Our tutors deal with students at any stage of the writing process. You might have a full paper that you would like to discuss once with a peer before submitting. Our tutor can then raise issues that you might not have considered. Or you might have an assignment and not know how to approach it. Our tutor will help you brainstorm possible approaches to the assignment.
Conferences are scheduled for 50 minutes. During this time, the tutor will read your paper or what you have written so far of it. You should bring your own concerns and questions to the conference, so that the session can be as productive as possible.

What The Peers Programme Isn't

The Peers Programme aims to assist students with writing issues they encounter. The Peers Programme is not several things:
  • Peers will not discuss the content of particular topics, readings, or modules with students. We aim to help you express your ideas about political science material and sharpen your arguments, not to tell you how you should understand any subject.
  • The Peers Programme is not mostly a service for remedial students. We believe that anyone can improve his or her writing by talking about it with someone else. Strong writers can gain from our services.
  • Writing conferences are not for purposes of editing. Our goal is not to check grammar and spelling in student essays. Instead, we share our thoughts on bigger issues, such as how well your paper expresses your ideas.

Make An Appointment

You can register for a one-hour writing conference by clicking on the appropriate time slot. Be sure to register at least one day in advance of your session. At the time of your writing conference, meet your Peer outside the Political Science Department office at AS1 Level 4. Bring your essay draft along with you. 
Registration Link:https://goo.gl/mg7w9F

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Who Are The Peers?

The Peers Programme is staffed by talented and motivated PS students. For AY2015/2016, our
PS Peers are Samuel Chan, Matthew Koo, Kenrick Chin, Clement Law, Mac Hoai Linh, Goh Shu Li and Tan Aik Seng.