Graduation Requirements

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Second Major (Graduation) Criteria from Cohort 2006 onwards

  • Pass at least 48 MCs of PS or PS-recognised modules, which include the following:

(1) PS1101E
(2) PS2102 or PS3257
(3) a minimum of ONE* from the following (Singapore Politics):
(i) PS2249 (CP)
(ii) PS2244 (GPP)
(iii) PS3249 (IR)
*The above may be used to fulfill requirement (4).
(4) a minimum of ONE from each of the following subfields:
(i) Comparative Politics (CP)
(ii) International Relations (IR)
(iii) Political Theory (PT)
(iv) Public Administration (GPP)
(5) a minimum of 16 MCs at level-3000 or higher*.
(i) Students are allowed to read level-4000 modules subject to departmental approval.

(6) **  A maximum of 8 MCs may be double counted between two majors(where possible
and subject to approval).

** Please click HERE for further details on double counting

  • Click HERE for the list of modules categorised by subfields.