Student Exchange Programme (SEP)



Assoc Prof Bilveer SINGH Tel: 6516 3398
Dr Yoshinori NISHIZAKI Tel: 6516 1529


For students departing for the University’s Student Exchange Program, please fill out an individual module mapping form for each of the module that you might be reading at the partner universities. You may download the form from
The completed mapping forms for Political Science modules should be sent to If you are handing in hard copies, please submit them to Ms Angeline Koh of Political Science General Office (Block AS1, #04-10) or place them in the general office mailbox located on level 4 of Block AS1.
In the event you are seeking credit for a course or module taken outside the University’s official exchange programme, you need to speak directly with one of the SEP advisors way before enrolling in the course/module as approval is not guaranteed.
For further information, please visit