Graduation Requirements

For the BA degree, PPE students will read at least 120MCs over three years:

  • 20MCs for University Level Requirements (General Education).
  • 4MCs for Faculty Core Requirement FAS1102 Public Writing and Communication (Cohort 2019 and before) or 2MCs of FAS1103 Effective Workplace Communication and 2MCs of CFG1002 Career Catalyst (Cohort 2020 onwards).*
  • 16MCs for exposure modules in Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics, and Asian Studies
  • 32MCs for Unrestricted Electives.#
  • 48MCs for the PPE major, consisting of:
    • Specialisation: 24MCs, with at least 12MCs at the 3000 level (6 modules).
    • 2 x Non-Specialisations: Each 12MCs, with at least 4MCs at the 3000 level (3 modules in each discipline).

*Students who have gained entrance to PPE at the point of admission to NUS FASS with the writing test will not need to read FAS1101 Writing Academically. Students who have read and passed FAS1101 (and are thus exempted from taking the writing test) at point of entrance to PPE will count that module towards Unrestricted Electives.
#Of the 32MCs in the PPE students’ Unrestricted Elective Space, 4MCs may be used for the their PPE specialisation. (The rest should come from outside the PPE specialisation.)


For the BA (Hons) degree, PPE students will read at least 160MCs over four years. They will fulfill the requirements for the BA, plus 40MCs of PH/PS/EC/PE or PE-recognized 4000 (or higher) level modules, consisting of:

  • At least 10MCs of modules in the Specialization (PH/PS/EC).
  • At least 10MCs of PPE Capstone Seminars (i.e., 4000 level PE-coded modules).

By default, PPE students who write the Honours Thesis for PPE will do so in the Specialization department using the appropriate PE-coded module (PE4401P/S/E), but they may also seek co-supervision from one of the other two departments. PPE students will be expected to work on thesis projects that approach their topic from more than one disciplinary angle, using the range of intellectual tools they have learned in the programme.

Students who do not attempt the PPE Honours Thesis will read level-4000 or higher PH/PS/EC/PE modules to fulfil the Honours Requirements, including the PPE Independent Study Module (PE4660P/S/E). Note that the Independent Study Module and the Honours Thesis preclude one another.


Students are not allowed to pair PPE with their PPE specialisation field as a second major. They may, however, pair PPE with either of their non-specialisation fields to form a double major. The three modules taken under the relevant PPE non-specialisation will be double-counted towards both majors. Students desiring to pair PPE with any other majors will need to seek approval for their study plan by writing to the admin of the specialisation department (see contact information).

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Dean's Office, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences National University of Singapore

  • Add: The Shaw Foundation Building, Block AS7, Level 5
  • 5 Arts Link, Singapore 117570
  • Level 5 (Undergraduate) & Level 6 (Graduate)
  • Fax: +65 6777 0751
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