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Joint PhD Programme with University of Edinburgh

A Joint PhD programme (JDP) is being offered by the College of Humanities and Social Science of the University of Edinburgh (UOE) and Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) at the National University of Singapore (NUS). It represents a good mix of strength from both universities to enhance the training and research work of PhD candidates from both institutions. The College and the Faculty complement each other in terms of areas of strength and of geographical location. You will be registered in one home university, but guided in your work by faculty from both, and examined to the standards of both. You will graduate with a joint qualification, earning a certificate which bears the crests of both universities.

To apply for the JDP at NUS, you will still need to complete the application procedures listed here. In addition, you should submit, with your application package, a separate form indicating your desire to be considered for the JDP.

Application for Joint-Degree PhD Programme between NUS and University of Edinburgh

Currently, applications are limited to those focusing in the area of Science, Technology and Society. Those interested should email Assoc Prof Gregory Clancey.