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The NUS psychology programme was first introduced during the 1986-87 academic year and is the oldest psychology programme in Singapore.

NUS offers a full undergraduate programme, including an honours course, as well as Masters and Ph.D. programmes. Since its inception, the psychology programme has attracted a strong response from students in the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences. Psychology contributes to society by providing behavioural scientists who are equipped with the skills to use empirical research methods to seek an account of human behaviour and experience. It has been only a little over a hundred years that psychology has been a discipline in its own right.

In addition to being a scientific discipline, psychology has a professional and vocational role. For instance, psychologists are involved in the assessment of mental disability as well as mental illness and subsequently contribute to treatment, rehabilitation and training of individuals with these conditions. Psychologists are also involved in such diverse areas as counselling, occupational guidance, and the development of health education and other public campaigns. As such, the Department of Psychology has established and maintains links with the Singapore Psychological Society as well as with various institutions which provide psychological services such as the Ministries of Defence; Community Development, Youth and Sports; Education; and Health, and with government hospitals.

For more information on the history and evolution of the department, please take a look at the following article "Psychology in Singapore" by George Bishop, which appeared in the May 2008 issue of the APS Observer.