Clinical Health Psychology
This module is intended to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and expertise in the practice of clinical psychology within medical/health settings. Students will develop expertise in the recognition, assessment, and treatment of: 1) psychological responses to medical illness and illness management and 2) biopsychosocial factors and interactions which could contribute towards the etiology and maintenance of health and illness. Topics to be covered could include theories of health and illness, stress and coping; mind-body connections and psychoneuroimmunology; psychological management of chronic illness and health problems; standard medical procedures and lab test information; and complementary/alternative and culturally-based health practices.
Modular Credits: 4
Workload: 0-3-0-1-6
Pre-requisite(s): Admission to Clinical Psychology programme or with permission of the instructor
Preclusion(s): Nil
Cross-listing(s): Nil
Workload Components: A-B-C-D-E
A: no. of lecture hours per week
B: no. of tutorial/seminar hours per week
C: no. of lab hours per week
D: no. of hours for projects, assignments, fieldwork etc. per week
E: no. of hours for preparatory work by a student per week