Ethics and Professional Issues
This module introduces students to the fundamentals of professional and ethical practice as clinical psychologists. We will draw on international perspectives to inform our understanding of best practices within the local context. Topics covered in this module include professional practice guidelines and codes of conduct, ethical issues in assessment and research, legal issues in psychology, diversity and multicultural considerations, and professional development issues. Upon completion of the module, students should: (i) understand what it means to practice clinical psychology in a professional manner based on standards established internationally, as well as an understanding for issues specific to professional practice in Singapore (ii) be familiar with core ethical principles and apply these to clinical practice, (iii) demonstrate awareness of potential ethical dilemmas across a wide variety of contexts and be able to approach these using the appropriate ethical decision-making strategies, (iv) understand the importance of developing and maintaining professional skills and competencies, and (v) demonstrate good insight and ability to reflect on their ethical obligations as professional clinical psychologists.
Modular Credits: 4
Workload: 0-3-0-2-5
Pre-requisite(s): PLC5011 (Clinical Placement 1)
Preclusion(s): Nil
Cross-listing(s): Nil
Workload Components: A-B-C-D-E
A: no. of lecture hours per week
B: no. of tutorial/seminar hours per week
C: no. of lab hours per week
D: no. of hours for projects, assignments, fieldwork etc. per week
E: no. of hours for preparatory work by a student per week