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The normative or minimum period of study is two years (4 semesters) and the maximum period of candidature is four years.

Course Structure
  1. Coursework
    Seven coursework modules will be offered as required for all students. Coursework will be conducted over two semesters, each lasting 13 weeks (August-December and January-May).

  2. Practical Training
    Students will be required to undertake three placements, with each placement lasting 6 months. The first placement usually takes place at the Clinical and Health Psychology Centre - an in-house training clinic at NUS. The remaining two placements will be undertaken externally with various hospitals, community agencies and private practices in Singapore.

    During placements, all students will be under the close supervision of qualified and experienced Clinical Psychologists. Students are evaluated mid-placement, and at the end of their placement by the supervising clinician.

  3. Research component
    The research component includes a graduate research methods seminar, research proposal and research project. The student will work under the supervision of a member of the faculty. He/she will be guided and evaluated by the research supervisor on a continuing basis and the final assessment will be based on submission and oral presentation of a final report.