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Students pay fees to the University they are attending (UM fees in their first year; NUS fees in their second year). Information on UM fees can be found at this link.

NUS fees are S$15,200 per semester or S$30,400 per annum (with GST) for Singapore citizens/ permanent residents/foreigners.

* Please note that the tuition fees will increase to $16,720 per semester or $33,440 per annum (with GST) for Singapore citizens/permanent residents/foreigners with effect from August 2014. The fee increase will only apply to future intakes from January 2015 onwards.

Non-refundable fees for the first semester ($15,200 with GST) are due upon acceptance of the admission offer to the programme. Please note that this will only apply to self-funded students who have been offered admission to the programme.

Successful applicants can apply for the competitive MOH Holdings (MOHH) Healthcare Graduate Studies Award and/or the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) Healthcare Scholarship for financial support.