NUS-UM: Graduation Requirements
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Graduation Requirements

Students must take and pass all 13 modules, but may read more than the minimum number of modular credits. The grades of all 13 modules will be considered in assessing whether the student has met the degree requirement.

Students will be considered to have successfully completed the Master of Psychology (Clinical) programme on the achievement of a grade of 70% or higher for all Modules taken at UM and an average grade of B- or a Cumulative Average Point of 3.0 for all Modules taken at NUS comprising the degree. Students must also have at least a B- for each module.

For NUS modules, a student's CAP must not fall below 2.5 for two consecutive semesters or 3.0 for three consecutive semesters. A student who fails to maintain the minimum CAP as stipulated will have her/his candidature terminated. For any semester in which the student's CAP falls below 3.0, she/he will be issued a warning. If, in the following semester, the student's CAP again falls below 3.0, but above 2.5, she/he will be placed on probation.

Students who receive a failing grade for any clinical placement will need to repeat a placement of a similar nature. Students who receive two failing grades for the same placement, or any two clinical placements, will be discontinued from the programme regardless of CAP.

Professional competence:  Case studies

Clinical psychology students are required to submit four written case studies based on a sample of cases seen across their four placements.
Two cases will be due after the second placement and a further two cases will be due during the second semester of the second year in the training programme.

Performance on the case studies will not contribute to the assessment of any individual module, but interns need to successfully complete (i.e. receive a “PASS” grade)  at least three out of the four submitted case studies in order to meet professional competence requirements for completion and graduation from the program.

Students will be provided with only one opportunity to revise and re-submit any submitted case studies that received a “FAIL” grade. 

Students who do not receive a grade of “PASS” in at least 3 out of  4 case studies after resubmission will not meet professional competence standards for graduation and a case will be put  up to the university to terminate them from the clinical programme.