Advanced fMRI and Brain Imaging
Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) is an important brain imaging technique that has advanced our understanding of the working brain. In order to build a solid understanding of the technical details of fMRI, we explore the physics behind this technique together with aspects of physiology that affect the fMRI measurements. We then move on to critically examine recent fMRI experiments that have investigated issues in perception, cognition, attention, emotion and other areas of psychology. The module also covers practical aspects of fMRI experimentation and helps students to design and interpret their own fMRI analyses.
Modular Credits: 4
Workload: 0-3-1-1-5
Pre-requisite(s): Students need to have the consent of the lecturer and be admitted into a graduate programme before they can read this module.
Preclusion(s): Nil
Cross-listing(s): Nil
Workload Components: A-B-C-D-E
A: no. of lecture hours per week
B: no. of tutorial/seminar hours per week
C: no. of lab hours per week
D: no. of hours for projects, assignments, fieldwork etc. per week
E: no. of hours for preparatory work by a student per week