Neuroscience of Memory

This module focuses on the neural underpinnings of memory. This course will cover the biological bases of the different memory systems and how these may interact with biological systems that support other cognitive functions like attention, language etc. Additionally, the various neuroscience methods that are used to study these will be discussed.

Modular Credits: 5
Workload: 0-3-0-0-9.5
Pre-requisite(s): Completed 80 MCs of which student must have passed PL1101E, PL2131, PL2132, PL3232, PL3233 and at least 2 other core modules (PL3234 - PL3236), with a minimum CAP of 3.5 or be on the Honours track.
Preclusion(s): Nil
Cross-listing(s): Nil
Workload Components: A-B-C-D-E
A: no. of lecture hours per week
B: no. of tutorial/seminar hours per week
C: no. of lab hours per week
D: no. of hours for projects, assignments, fieldwork etc. per week
E: no. of hours for preparatory work by a student per week