Pass at least 24 MCs of PL modules, which include the following:

  • 1. PL1101E Introduction to Psychology
  • 2. PL2131 Research and Statistical Methods I
  • 3.a minimum of 16 MCs from the following:
  • i. PL3232 Biological Psychology
  • ii. PL3233 Cognitive Psychology
  • iii. PL3234 Developmental Psychology
  • iv. PL3235 Social Psychology
  • v. PL3236 Abnormal Psychology
  • A maximum of 8 MCs from the minor can be used to satisfy the requirements of a major or another minor. However, the credits for these modules will be counted ONCE. FASS students will still need to fulfil the MCs required for the UE outside major requirements.
  • GEMs that are within the basket of modules offered by the Minor can now be used to fulfil both the minor and GEM requirements.
  • Double counting of PL3236 and SW3217 is not allowed.