Second / Shared Major
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Pass at least 48 MCs of PL or PL-recognised modules, which include the following:

  • 1. PL1101E Introduction to Psychology
  • 2. PL2131 Research and Statistical Methods I
  • 3. PL2132 Research and Statistical Methods II
  • 4. PL3232 Biological Psychology
  • 5. PL3233 Cognitive Psychology
  • 6. PL3234 Developmental Psychology
  • 7. PL3235 Social Psychology
  • 8. PL3236 Abnormal Psychology
  • 9. a minimum of 16 MCs at levels-2000 and 3000
  • (excluding modules above), with
  • i. a maximum of 2 PL328X lab modules.
  • 10. a maximum of 1 PL-recognised module.
  • Students are not allowed to read level-4000 modules.
  • The following are PL-recognised modules:
    PH2201 Introduction to the Philosophy of Science
    PH2241 (former module code PH3212) Philosophy of Mind
    PH3201 Philosophy of Social Science
  • Students may use only one out of the above PL-recognised modules to fulfil a level-3000 PL module equivalent.
  • PH2201, PH2241 or PH3201 can be double-counted to fulfil requirements for students who are majoring in both Psychology and Philosophy, or who are doing a major-minor in Psychology and Philosophy.
  • As a concession, students from the 2006 cohort will also be allowed to read the second major (48 MCs) and disciplinary minors available from AY2007-08. Students from the 2006 cohort may apply to read the second major when they have attained at least 40 MCs with a CAP of 3.50 or above.
  • Students from cohort 2009 and after who would like to major in Psychology at NUS have to meet the pre-requisites for Psychology and obtain a grade of B- or better for the PL1101E and a grade of B- or better for the PL2131 module.