Second / Shared Major
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Pass at least 48 MCs of PL or PL-recognised modules, which include the following:

  • 1. PL1101E Introduction to Psychology
  • 2. PL2131 Research and Statistical Methods I
  • 3. PL2132 Research and Statistical Methods II
  • 4. PL3232 Biological Psychology
  • 5. PL3233 Cognitive Psychology
  • 6. PL3234 Developmental Psychology
  • 7. PL3235 Social Psychology
  • 8. PL3236 Abnormal Psychology
  • 9. a minimum of 16 MCs at levels-2000 and 3000
  • (excluding modules above), with
  • i. a maximum of 2 PL328X lab modules.
  • 10. a maximum of 1 PL-recognised module.
  • Students are not allowed to read level-4000 modules.
  • The following are PL-recognised modules:
    PH2201 Introduction to the Philosophy of Science
    PH2241 (former module code PH3212) Philosophy of Mind
    PH3201 Philosophy of Social Science
    LSM3215 Neuronal Signaling and Memory Mechanisms
    LSM3216 Neuronal Development and Diseases
  • Students may use only one out of the above PL-recognised modules to fulfil a level-3000 PL module equivalent.
  • PH2201, PH2241 or PH3201 can be double-counted to fulfil requirements for students who are majoring in both Psychology and Philosophy, or who are doing a major-minor in Psychology and Philosophy.
  • Students who are majoring in both Psychology and Life Sciences are allowed to double‐count a maximum of 8 MCs towards both majors.
  • Students from cohort 2009 and after who would like to major in Psychology at NUS have to meet the pre-requisites for Psychology and obtain a grade of B- or better for the PL1101E and a grade of B- or better for the PL2131 module.