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Pass at least 100 MCs of PL or PL-recognised modules,
which include the following:

  • 1. PL1101E Introduction to Psychology
  • 2. PL2131 Research and Statistical Methods I
  • 3. PL2132 Research and Statistical Methods II
  • 4. PL3232 Biological Psychology
  • 5. PL3233 Cognitive Psychology
  • 6. PL3234 Developmental Psychology
  • 7. PL3235 Social Psychology
  • 8. PL3236 Abnormal Psychology
  • 9. PL3231 Independent Research Project
  • OR one of the PL328x lab modules
  • 10. A minimum of 64 MCs at level-2000 or higher
  • (excluding the modules above), with
  • i. a minimum of 40 MCs at level-4000 or higher
  • ii. a maximum of one other PL328x lab module not taken in (9) above
  • iii.a maximum of 2 PL modules at level-5000.
  • 11. a maximum of 1 PL-recognised module.
  • The following are PL-recognised modules:
    PH2201 Introduction to the Philosophy of Science
    PH2241 (former module code PH3212) Philosophy of Mind
    PH3201 Philosophy of Social Science
  • Students may use only one out of the above PL-recognised modules to fulfil a level-3000 PL module equivalent.
  • PH2201, PH2241 or PH3201 can be double-counted to fulfil requirements for students who are majoring in both Psychology and Philosophy, or who are doing a major-minor in Psychology and Philosophy.
  • To declare an Honours track, students must have completed 110 MCs, including 60 MCs in the Major, with a CAP of 3.50 and above.
  • Honours Thesis/Project (15 MCs) is optional.
  • To qualify for the Honours Thesis/ Project (15 MCs), students must be on the Honours Track. In order to obtain First Class Honours, students must achieve a CAP of 4.50 or higher AND at least an 'A-' in the Honours Thesis/Project
  • Students who do not attempt the Honours Thesis/Project will read level-4000 or higher PL modules to fulfil the Honours Requirements.
  • Students may also read a level-4000 Independent Study Module (5 MCs). This level-4000 ISM carries a pre-requisite of 100 MCs completed, including 60 MCs in the Major, with a minimum CAP of 3.50. This ISM and the Honours Thesis/Project preclude one another.
  • All level-4000 modules carry a general prerequisite of having completed 80 MCs, including 28 MCs in the Major, with a minimum CAP of 3.50 OR being on the Honours Track (some level-4000 modules may have different pre-requisites).
  • For students who are attempting the Honours Thesis, the onus is on the students to secure a supervisor who would supervise them on the Honours Thesis. Students should settle on a topic as soon as possible and speak to the supervisors early, as staff are able to supervise only a limited number of theses. Students who are late may end up not working with the supervisor of their choice and have to settle on a different topic.
  • Students from cohort 2009 and after who would like to major in Psychology at NUS have to meet the pre-requisites for Psychology and obtain a grade of B- or better for the PL1101E and a grade of B- or better for the PL2131 module.